Corrie Ten Boom – Great for G-Wit= “Godly Women In Training”

ctb.gifI never finished posting other girl ideas for training Godly girls, here and here are the other 2 posts on this topic.

This is one of my favorite lessons I taught the 4th-6th grade girls at our church on Wed. nights. The lesson was about Corrie Ten Boom, a christian women who survived the Nazi concentration camps during WWII. Her testimony of God’s power in the midst of these camps is powerful and can have an everlasting impact on the lives of young girls.

The night I told her story, I had the girls sit on the floor, we all snuggled in close to each other, and then I turned the lights off, and with only a simple flashlight turned on I began to tell her story. I told of how her family took Jews into their house and hid them from the Nazis, I told of her family’s strong christian faith, I told of Corrie’s desire to share Christ with the Jewish people, in the midst of deplorable conditions, and I told of the miracles she encountered while in the concentration camps.

The girls I taught were so intrigued by Corrie’s life, they sat in the dark with me for close to an hour listening and asking questions, and I can assure these are active girls so I could tell they were captivated! Corrie’s powerful testimony can speak greatly into the hearts of young girls, that is why I am listing it in my Training Godly Girls Category!

BTW, the picture above is Corrie’s kneeling in front of the secret entrance in the wall of her family home, the hole was previously in a closet, and they would hide the Jews in a small, cramped room, behind the wall! Amazing!
So here are a bunch of links if you want to share Corrie’s story with your daughter or a girls class you teach….I assure you, it will inspire them! πŸ™‚

Great website, that tells the story of Corrie and includes “test” questions.

Official Corrie Ten Boom website

Heroes of History -site, list all the books Corrie wrote

Tons of Quotes by Corrie

Books Corrie has written, or books about her

BTW, I also have a son, so Training Godly Boys will be coming to this blog sometime in the future!! πŸ™‚


  1. I loved reading The Hiding Place when I was younger. I was amazed by her faith…in awe of it. I don’t think I realized the impace it had on me then – how she was never fully rattled by the circumstances around her. Amazing.

  2. Wow! How neat! Our church is doing a series on heroes of Christian faith this summer for Wednesday nights and I am helping to come up with curriculum. Thanks so much for the great websites and ideas. πŸ™‚ I appreciate you!

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