Random Ramblings

“Coffee!” my brain and body are crying out for coffee this morning………my head is crying out for some Tylenol. I … More

Wordless Wednesday

My husband the cheerleader!  Love that cartwheel!! Click here for more WW or click here ( In fairness to my … More

Simple Woman’s Daybook

For more Simple Woman’s Daybook fun visit Peggy For Today… Outside my window…No snow!  I wish there was some, just … More

Friday Fave 5

I was out walking tonight in my neighborhood on a gorgeous starry night, and as I was walking I was … More

Aloha Friday

With this cold we are experiencing on the east coast, just the word Aloha sounds so inviting!  🙂 So it’s … More

Thankful Thursday

New Year, New things to be thankful for! I am always thankful for NEW christian music for my iPod.  When … More

Are you suffering from PVS?

Signs you are suffering from Post Vacation/Christmas Syndrome You have trouble getting up in the morning You keep finding ornament … More

Friday Fave 5

What a week it has been, we started the week in 2008 and end in 2009. I have been busy, … More