Random Ramblings

“Coffee!” my brain and body are crying out for coffee this morning………my head is crying out for some Tylenol.
I know, it sounds like I have a hangover…….no that phase of life is long gone.  Today I have a mommy hangover.
It is the result of a late night soccer game the Inventor had (at 9:35…the game finished at 10:35!), preceded by a soccer girls sleepover.  I reminded all the girls that it is called a SLEEPover.  So they must SLEEP!  Thankfully they all nodded off a little after midnight, and I collapsed in bed shortly after that.  They were up and raring to go around 7:30, while I was laying in bed dreaming of a good cup of coffee!


Ok I warned you that this would be random….the other day The Inventor was out of body wash for her daily morning shower, due to the fact that her mom forgot to buy her some.  I told her to use the bar of soap in the shower, thinking nothing of it.  She kept dropping that bar of soap endlessly!  At that point she asks, “how do I get this soap not to be so slippery?”  Yes she is 11, she is dumbfounded by a bar of soap.  It was at that point I realized she has grown up using body wash not a bar of soap.  I am thinking the bar of soap is going the way of a cassette player, electric typewriters, cursive writing, tinker toys and a slinky!
Does anyone else when asked what did you do last night have to look at their calendar to remember?
We had a snow day on Wed.  First snow day all year, did you know that teachers are JUST like kids when it comes to a snow day?   We got a call from our principal at 5:07am, and I was so excited that I had trouble going back to sleep!
Also, I am addicted to Facebook, I have found so many old friends and bloggers through FB, fun, fun, fun!
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  1. I’m with ya on the coffee thing this a.m.! BUT it is because I was up late reading a great novel I just ook out of library and playing PathWords on FB and trying to beat my sister Hope! Darn…she is ahead of me by a hundred points or more!
    And yeah….I was more excited than my daughters to get that snow day wed. It was our 4th one this school year plus we had 2 early closings plus 3 delays!!!! the albany area has had tons of ice and snow this year…it almost feels like we are in the high peaks region! LOL Enjoy your coffee!!!
    Yeah..I’m with ya on the body wash….my daughters each have their own faves. Never use bar soap really!

  2. I am finally driking my coffee right now. It is so cold out that I had to make hot coffee today instead of iced. Snow days are fun for teachers. i used to love them when I was a teacher. My kids don’t know bars of soap either. lOL

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