I LOVE doing my wash!!!

I can’t remember being so excited about doing my wash before! Now what would cause a normal laundry hater to … More


Our neighbors across the street are moving. They have lived across the street from us for 13 years. It’s sad … More

O’ Praise Him!

There is something about this video……. It speaks to my heart about the intimacy of worship. It truly is all … More

Outhouse technology

I have been privy to the wonders of outhouse technology lately. I feel after encountering numerous outhouses at baseball tournaments, … More


Exercise, Exercise, come on everybody do your exercise! ( What is that song/saying from, I remember it from somewhere in … More

Wordless Wednesday

Any idea what this is????? If you read my post “Weekend thoughts” it may give you a clue???? 🙂

Weekend thoughts…….

We spent our weekend at another baseball tournament, in case you are wondering, we have spent 7 weekends at tournaments … More

The Brawl……….

I witnessed such a sad event this past weekend. And as I get ready to embark on another baseball tournament … More