The A’s of life!

I remember about 8 years ago or so, our church was having all it’s members take part in this “spiritual … More

HOW did THIS happen???

Oh my, apparently money does not grow on trees, but kids GROW!!! Sept 2007 Sept 2008 Sept. 2010 This year … More


Isn’t it nice how a simple 3 inches of snow can just slow life down for a moment!  We had … More

Trying something new

I have been quite addicted to Twitter lately.  It took me awhile to figure it all out…..but now that I … More

5 minutes in a car

I was thinking about something The Inventor told me the other day, and that reminded me of  something SportTman and … More


The corn is gone,  I noticed it the other day while out for a bike ride workout.  I could now … More

Friday Fave Five

Friday again….how did that happen!? 🙂 What a week, I am thankful for some down time to reflect on the … More

Friday Fave Five

. Wow this week sure went fast, can’t believe it’s time for another Friday Fave Five!  Susanne is such a … More

Friday Fave Five

This has actually been a rough week! Well, that is a great way to start off my Friday Fave Five?!  … More