Life goes on……

“The thing Margo told me about, is that here now?” “What thing?” “The thing, you like it” “Oh you mean … More

Oct. 1st

The day passed in our house pretty much unnoticed.  There was no mention of it, I actually didn’t realize it … More

FAQ Interview

Ok warning on this blog post……I really don’t know what got into me when I wrote this! 🙂 Today I … More

Been a bit stressed

I was thinking about writing a serious blog post about our family and things we are going through lately……but as … More

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I just don’t know what to do with you as of late. I rarely post, and when I … More

Friday Fave Five

Well it has been a glorious week for this teacher! My number ONE favorite of the week was; SCHOOL IS … More

Spring revelations!

I realized that if it is  warm enough to dry sheets on the deck…..then it’s time to put away the … More

Did you know????

So the other day while enjoying some free time in a quiet bathroom (sorry if that is TMI but that … More