Did you know????


So the other day while enjoying some free time in a quiet bathroom (sorry if that is TMI but that is the reality of a busy Mom!)  I was astounded to read this information on the back of the Clorox Wipes;

To Disinfect*
Wipe surface to be disinfected; use enough wipes for treated surface to remain visibly wet for 4 minutes. Let surface dry. For highly soiled surfaces, clean excess dirt first.

Surface should remain visibly wet for 4 minutes!!  You have got to be kidding me!   They are called WIPES, that means wipe clean, and disinfect.

Not, wipe, make sure NO living soul touches the surface for an entire 4 min., then make sure it remains wet for 4 min.!

I thought Wipes meant..

Wipe and disinfect

Am I the only one who missed this??!!!

I of course then conducted my own scientific study on surface wetness time.  I will present my data here for the first time on my scientific blog.

  • First wipe attempt with nothing extra or fancy just wiping the counter clean – surface dry in 2min 45 sec ( Epic Failure!)

  • Second wipe attempt with 2 wipes – surface dry in 3 min 40 sec.

  • Third and final attempt, wipe with 2 wipes and soak up excess liquid at the bottom of the wipe container so that the wipe is dripping when I WIPE the surface –  surface dry in 4 min and 45 sec.

So there you have it ladies, data, stunning scientific data, resulting from some intense research on my part.  So now you are in the know!

I was always a girl who would wipe down everything, but now I need to re-think how I do things.  I may have to go back to spraying everything with Lysol! Ha!


  1. And talk about having to go thru many wipes thus using up the canister and needing to buy more…Lysol is sound much more economically sound! I hope your dear daughter is feeling better soon!

  2. That is just crazy. So they want you to only get 8 uses out of their container of 30 by using 3 wipes for each mess so it will stay wet for 4 minutes. Crazy. YOu are right…spraying would be easier.

  3. ok wait I mean 15 uses for 2 wipes. plus get the excess off the bottom. Ugg it would help if my memory worked. That is still a waste. They cost just as much as the spray bottle for one small container.

  4. Make sure you read the lysol because I’m pretty sure they have some qualifying thing on there about leaving it for so long before wiping in order for it to be “disinfected”. The fine print, it’s always about that darn fine print.

  5. that’s nuts. I use ONE wipe, wipe down, yes it’s a bit wet but certainly not for 4 minutes….we don’t HAVE 4 minutes in an integrated Kindergarten. as for home, I use these to do a quick clean in both bathrooms but for illness I still rely on good ole lYsol! 🙂

  6. How many people read the fine print – I avoid using the wipes as they are far more expensive than a spray and paper towel.

    Love your blog!


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