Friday Fave Five


Wow this week sure went fast, can’t believe it’s time for another Friday Fave Five!  Susanne is such a wonderful host of the Friday Fave Five each week, please stop by and visit her bloggy home.

It’s spirit/homecoming week at the high school I teach at this week, so I got to wear jeans twice this week!  That is ALWAYS a favorite of mine!  Here I am with 2 of my students wearing jeans and my favorite football teams shirt for sport’s day.

wearing jeans

Typos, yes typos!  It’s such a good thing I proofread!    But they sure have given me a good laugh this week.

Almost sent this to a parent – “thanks for keeping me in the poop!”  meant to say keeping me in the loop!

Almost sent this one to a teacher – “please stop by our class boob”  meant to say stop by our class blog!

Watching Drums be a cheerleader at our HS football game!  It was “Dad night” for the cheerleaders.  One of his students didn’t have a dad that could be there for the special night.  So she asked her favorite teacher and he graciously filled in!  What a hoot to watch, he is a heck of a nice guy, but has no coordination!

cheerleading hubby

I had a bit of a migraine Wednesday evening, but it made for a great excuse to lay around and chill out the entire night!

Homemade soup!  It was a very cold and rainy night yesterday, I came home from school and made yummy chicken vegetable noodle soup.  It was so soothing  and comforting on such a chilly fall night.

How was your week?


  1. Sandy…what a fun week spirit week is… love the pic with the students… your poor husband…not sure my dh would do it! The typos crack me up…thankfully you proof read…especially the one to the parent! Have a great weekend

  2. My daughter teaches at the high school, too, so it’s always fun to read your blog and see high school life. I gotta hand it to your hubby helping out with cheering. My daughter is playing with the band tonight at their fall concert, you have to love teachers that go above and beyond the call of duty!

    Love the typos! We all do it, and it’s so fun when it turns out hilarious. So glad you got in the loop instead of … you know.

  3. You’ve had a busy week! I always loved dress down/casual days because jeans are the most comfortable pants to wear!

    I hope your children recover quickly and completely!

  4. I’m glad you caught the typos in time! How funny.

    Your hubby is a good sport.

    We just had homemade soup and corn muffins tonight — love that when the weather turns cool.

    Glad your migraine is gone and the kids are feeling better.

  5. Your typos cracked me right up. I would have had to pause and think had I received from you. Too funny.

    How sweet of your hubby to fill in for his student.

  6. I can feel your teaching enthusiasm for your parents and students. Keep it up. Looks like you have mastered some things except that headache. Hope it eases up for you.

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