Things heard around my house yesterday….

Drums – “Honey where is the salt shaker?”

Me- “Out in the car”

The rest of the story- I took my air popcorn maker to school to make popcorn with my students on Friday, I also took the salt shaker, and I had left it in a bag in the car.   Drums expression was priceless when I told him the salt shaker was in the car!

SportTman – “mom where is the thermometer, I want to take my temperature?”

Me- “I don’t know…….yelling to daughter,” honey do you know where the thermometer is? “

The Inventor – “It’s outside under my swing!”

The rest of the story, both kids have been suffering from the swine flu, apparently The Inventor was answering the door while taking her temperature.  She went outside to get the mail, stopped at her swing and left the thermometer there.

Drums – “Honey I’ll do the dishes for you!”

Me – “hallelujah!!!”

No explanation for that one!  I love my husband!

Both kids are on the mend now, and hubby and I have been swine flu free so far.  But it made for a crazy week and weekend.  But life seems to be returning to some degree of normal at our house.


  1. so glad to hear the children are on the mend..will pray you don’t get it! enjoy the rest of the week…..we finally had to turn our heat on yesterday!

  2. LOL. Both of those are really funny. And I love hearing those words from my hubby, too.

    Both kids with swine flu. Not fun. Glad to hear they are on the mend now.

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