6 word meme

My dear blogging buddy Beautiful Grace tagged me for the 6 word meme, that I have seen on several blogs … More

Big decision…..

Nap or exercise? Check back later to see what I end up choosing 🙂 If you guessed exercise you are … More

Hot dogs???

I used to be such a purist when it came to food I fed my family. I was always baking … More

Welcome Spring!

Spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods! I love spring and its beautiful flowers. To celebrate the … More

I almost missed it!

That’s right I almost missed my own blog anniversary! I knew it was last April I started my blog, so … More

Shocking Picture…….. :)

This picture may be too graphic for some…..it actually shows a brother and sister working together, happily, with no arguing … More

My kids have gone retro!

“Moooooommmmm, check out this cool thing I found in the neighbor’s trash,” my daughter shouted out as she came in … More

It’s the busy season!

Ah spring, fresh flowers, warm temperatures, green grass, the smell of manure on a farmer’s field….and the sound of the … More

Wouldn’t it be great……

  If Oreo cookies, Rolo candy, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, and Turkey Hill Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream sandwiches … More