Welcome Spring!

Spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods! I love spring and its beautiful flowers. To celebrate the arrival of spring I went around my house and took a bunch of pictures that represent spring at my house. So please pour a glass of lemonade, and enjoy a cyber spring day with me. And for all of you Northern folks who haven’t felt the full effects of spring yet, stop by as many times as needed to get your spring fix!

God is good, and creates such magnificent beauty!

Welcome Spring!

I have always loved Virginia Bluebells. I have planted them all over our woods.

The weeds are also growing quickly. This is the dreaded chickweed.

The hosta are also emerging from the ground

I have daffadolis planted all through out the woods

Baseball is also a big part of our spring!


  1. Gorgeous pics. Spring has definitely sprung here in Capital Region NY too!
    Today was 73!!! I wore shorts for the first time since Oct!!
    On Tues. one of our favorite hiking spots still had 6 inches of snow in the deep woods, but that is about 65 miles northwest of us so…..
    My hosta is just peeking through the ground but my tulips are about to bloom and many other flowers are opening….I love it!!

  2. What pretty pics Sandy! And I do love the baseball pic because it means that kids will be playing outside in our neighborhood soon. I love the sound of a big group of kids going from house to the next having fun!

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