I almost missed it!

That’s right I almost missed my own blog anniversary! I knew it was last April I started my blog, so when I went to check today, I discovered today was the exact date one year ago I started my blog. Good thing I am on the ball with this type of thing! 🙂

I will post more bloggy kind of thoughts on this later tonight……but for now, after watching 5 baseball games this weekend, I am off to a baseball scrimmage. But dinner is done, just need to reheat it after the game…………………………………….this post is to be continued 🙂

Ok I am back! It was freezing at SportTman’s game tonight, I wore my long underwear and was still cold.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog! It’s been a great experience and much of it quite unexpected. I love all the wonderful women I have met, and it is so interesting, intriguing, and informative to read everyone else’s blogs. I learn so much. I started blogging as a creative outlet for all the teachings in my teacher brain, I was looking for a way to express all the lessons/teachings I have done over the years. But blogging has taken off into so many other avenues, and it has become pretty much my only hobby these days. All that to say Thanks to ALL of you who read my blog and visit with me on a weekly basis. I wish I could have you all over for coffee and chocolate to celebrate!

Susanne suggested that I list 100 things about myself to celebrate, but my brain appears to be malfunctioning lately and I don’t think I could think of 100 things…..maybe this summer, when I have more time.

So for now I will list 7 random things about myself from a tag I got from Fruit of the Spirit awhile back.

#1 – I used to be deathly afraid of dogs. When my college roommate brought her dog to our apartment, I ran and hid in the bathroom to get away from the dog. NOW, I have a dog and actually let her sleep on our bed on occasion!

#2 – I chew gum a lot….not sure why, just do

#3 – I have various menopausal issues so I take, a multi-vitamin, CQ10, Vitamin B, Black Cohosh everyday….not sure if it’s making a big difference.

#4 – I love to go to yard sales!

#5 – I used to hate hot dogs, but when I got pregnant the first time I actually started to crave them. I coached HS track at the time,and I remember one of the coaches saying to me after I told him I was pregnant, “I was wondering if you were pregnant, I know you hate hot dogs and I saw you eat SEVERAL of them at the track meet last week!”

#6 – I have tons of cavities…..some are rather large!

# 7 – My favorite bible verse is Philippians 3:7-8, ….oh to gain MORE of Christ!


  1. hi! Saw your comment about what is pizza noodle bake. I plan on posting the recipe either tomorrow or Wed. Tomorrow we have a tentative easy hiking trip to do in the southern adirondacks…about 1 hour north west of us….so…I may not get to blog…and of course in the evening I MUST watch American Idol!! LOL
    Ok, so you live in either Pittsburgh, Hershey or Lancaster Co…I am gonna dream that it is Lancaster Co….it was GORGEOUS there….we loved every minute…we also just loved doing the car tour at Gettysburg National Military Park. We loved every thing about our PA trip…and now, sadly, my aunt and her hubby have moved from Pittsburgh (we also liked the sights we saw there) to Virginia so we probably won’t get out to PA any time soon….

  2. Oh HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY my dear bloggy friend. The bloggy world is a better place because of your blog – I am so glad I blog-met you 🙂

    Wishing you more bloggy years to come.

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!! Time flies when your having fun, huh? Well, I am certainly very glad to have met you – and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for our blogs.

    I love yard sales too? Do you come to the big one they have here at PN? I think I will be doing it this year.

    And on the cold thing… I am over it… can we get some Spring here in PA?

  4. Happy Bloggy Birthday!!! It has been a pleasure to get to know your heart!!! Bless you, Dear!!!

  5. Happy blogaversary! It has been fun to meet new people and blog. Enjoy the next year of blogging.

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