Life goes on……

“The thing Margo told me about, is that here now?” “What thing?” “The thing, you like it” “Oh you mean … More

So long 2011

Well I can’t really say 2011  has been good to us…..but I can thank God for many of the blessings … More

He’s 15

SportTman is 15 years old and 6ft. 3in tall!  How did this happen?!!?!  My big teen young man! Well the … More


Now that I have a son in high school and a daughter in middle school, I have begun to notice … More


My kids are 12 & 14 and today we bought our first item at Aeropostale.  Actually it was the first … More

How did I get here!!??

Work for Me Wednesday Tips for moms who are weary! 🙂 For more Works for Me Wednesday, Check out We … More

Now he knows!

Last Friday I had to work while the kids were home alone, just saying home alone, can bring to mind … More

The Inventor

It all started years ago when my dear little girl at the time wondered why her big brother never decorated … More

For a moment

I think my daughter will turn out ok…… I came up from the basement yesterday to hear The Inventor running … More