Now he knows!


Last Friday I had to work while the kids were home alone, just saying home alone, can bring to mind memories of Kevin McCallisters adventures.  But alas, my kids were not chasing robbers from our home and running amuck all over town.
As a matter of fact SportTman was assigned the task of doing his laundry while I was gone…..yes you read right, a 14 year old boy had to do laundry!
And as a proud mom, I would let you know, HE DID IT!!!  He did his laundry.
When I got home and was talking to him about it, he commented that he always wondered what those “soft papery, cotton like things were that he always finds attached to clothes and blankets were.”  He said, he never knew what they were!
Now he knows what fabric softener sheets are!   And he is a better “man,” now that he knows!!!



  1. LOL…that’s great!
    my 15 year old just did her own laundry (I had previously given her a lesson) yesterday. She was like “oh mom I want a maid when I’m an adult” I was like “then don’t become a special ed teacher” LOL
    seriously, I LOVE that she can do her own laundry and I told her if she was a son she would still do it! EVERYONE needs to learn this skill. You’re a great mom!!
    (she hates the dryer sheets so I told her to use liquid fabric softener..she loves the smell of the april fresh downy)

  2. LOL. I’ll bet a lot of ladies wish their guys knew what fabric softener sheets were and how to use them. One day some lovely young wife will thank you! :v)

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