Aloha Friday


I love this carnival/meme….it’s easy and it’s fun. You simply ask a question……
When I say quick, easy dinner, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
All suggestions, recipes, ideas are welcome, and heck I will even give you my address if you want to send me a free sample!  And if you can have the dinner arrive at my house right at dinner time, I will send you flowers and chocolate!
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  1. I loved your answer! Too funny!

    Breakfast pizza is our fast option.

    1 roll of cooked sausage
    1 C frozen shredded hashbrowns
    1 can of crescent rolls
    3 eggs
    2 Tbl of milk
    salt & pepper to taste
    grated cheddar cheese to sprinkle lightly on top

    Heat oven to 375F

    Spray rectangular baking dish w/ cooking spray. Take crescent dough & spread onto bottom of pain pinching joints closed & making slight edge around the sides.

    Next sprinkle on cooked sausage, follow w/ the hashbrowns & the grated cheese. Get a small bowl & beat the eggs. Add the mild & salt/pepper to taste. Mix it up & pour over ingredients in dish. Bake for 18 – 23 min or until top is lightly browned & ingredients are dry to the touch. Delic!

    Oh & I did that from memory! Guess we really do like this dish!

  2. The Golden Arches? haha ….

    Oh, I kid. I AM on a diet! Quick and easy in my house usually means grilled sandwiches or homemade philly cheesesteak.

    I stir-fry some bell pepper strips and sliced onions with roast beef lunch meat. Add in a bit of garlic and italian seasoning. Put it on a hoagie, throw some provolone on top, and in the oven it goes!! YUMMY!

  3. I immediately think of my Basil-Tomato Orzo Soup a.k.a. Campbells plus cooked orzo thrown in with sauteed carrot and celery pieces. Easy and fast. Add grilled cheese sandwiches and you’re all set. OR order Pizza….works every time!

  4. Campbells Tomato Soup with tuna sandwhiches is a favorite.
    A big bowl of cold cereal.
    Two boxes macaroni and cheese (prepared), 1 pound cooked ground sirloin and 1 large can stewed tomatoes all mixed together.
    Taco Bell combination burrito!
    Grilled cheese or hotdogs. I love hotdogs but not very often. What do people call them???? Mystery tubes?
    Now I’m hungry!!

  5. Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.
    Hot dogs and french fries.
    Scrambled eggs and bacon.
    Homemade hamburger helper – mac n cheese, hamburger.
    Hoagie sandwiches – whatever is in the fridge to put on the bread.
    Tuna sanwiches.

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