The Inventor

It all started years ago when my dear little girl at the time wondered why her big brother never decorated his forts in the woods.  My sweet girl is now11 and I refer to her in blog land as The Inventor.  She is ALWAYS inventing ways to do things in an easier manner, inventing new contraptions for her room and re-decorating her room.  I recently toured the latest room makeover, and knew I must take pictures to capture the moment!
Some of you may wonder how I can let her “ruin” her room and change things around so much.  Let me tell you there is so much more to it then that.  She has such a creative spirit and loves thinking of new decorations for her room.  Sure I give her some limits, like no painting the walls and please don’t dye your carpet….but aside from that, she has a great deal of free, creative reign.
Through her room changing, rearranging, and reinventing, I have seen her use critical thinking skills, problem solving skills ( ok,  I know that is the teacher in me talking), demonstrate her flair for creativity and gain confidence in her abilities and herself. So someday when you read of my daughter being famous for some helpful invention, I want you to think back to this blog post and think to yourself…..I knew her when she was just 11.  lol
She bought these floral patio lights for a dollar at a yard sale and carefully hung them on her ceiling.  The green “thing” hanging off the lights is a plastic monkey hanging by his tail……just in case you were wondering. 🙂


This is where she sleeps in her own little “castle.”  She cut out a variety of shapes with construction paper, and stapled them to a nice, think yarn. and hung them by her bed.  They look just like those bead ones you buy.  She also invented a little hanger for some stuffed animal monkeys, it is the mauve (think early 90’s color) former drapery tie-backs that is now used for monkey holders. 🙂  Do you see why I love this girls creativity!  And please notice the nightstand to the left of her bed covered with a scarlet, glittery former shower curtain, and the lei she has on all the lampshades in her room.

Yes a girl like this has no concept of why a boy would never choose to decorate his fort!  That is inconceivable to her!

It is so neat as a mom to see how each child is  different and created  with special gifts and abilities……and they both came from the same womb!! It great to see the handiwork of God in each of my children!


  1. Awesome. My teen daughter would totally agree. she is the same way with her room. always re-arranging (she gets that from me) and painting pictures, decorating lampshades, cutting ribbon for tie backs, etc. etc. I love how the Lord gifts our children in unique ways…..tell your daughter her room is mad cool!

  2. WOW! That’s my first thought. Your daughter is very talented. You know decorators seem to be very popular these days with all the shows like Extreme Home Makeover, etc. It looks like this could develop into a nice career. Something she loves doing and is good at.

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