Fab Five and My day on Wednesday


..Instead of talking about the whole week I going to tell you about one day this week…..
#1 – It started out great, we had a freak and very rare snow squall that dropped 8 inches of snow in about 4 hours over a small 8 mile wide path.  Meaning, a town a mere 2 miles from my house just got a dusting of snow and we had 8 inches!!!!!  We love snow at our house and we are all pumped to go out and enjoy the snow.
I got up and made yummy, homemade oatmeal and enjoyed a good cup of coffee!
#2 Shortly after that I went out to enjoy the snow, it was beautiful!  It was one those gorgeous snows that sticks to the trees.  I really enjoyed walking around the woods behind our house taking these pictures.
#3 SportTman came out while I was out taking pictures and started snowboarding down the hill in our woods.  I of course took pictures of him.


#4- But then this happened……..

SportTman breaking his wrist!

#5- Yep SportTman broke his wrist when he landed when “getting some nice air” over his homemade ramp. Can you believe I was videotaping him at the time.   The good news is, he just finished basketball this week, and spring training for baseball doesn’t start until after the cast is off.  He has some indoor baseball practices this month, but I am sure they will find something for him to do.
It is also good news that he broke his left wrist since he is right handed.  So he went to school late today, since he got a lovely blue cast that his entire basketball team has already signed. And to top off our “cast day” together, we enjoyed lunch  at good ole Kentucky Fried Chicken.  What a week!

For more Fab Five fun visit Susanne, she always does a nice Fab Fave!


  1. That is strange that that happened, because as I was looking at the hill full of trees he was snowboarding in between I thought…How does he not get hurt coming down that hill? I see he made it down the hill and it was the ramp that gave him trouble. Ouch! He is very fortunate though with the timing of the sports and all and the left hand instead of the right. Hope he is doing ok.
    That coffee looks so good…I am freezing.

  2. The fall did not look that bad, but if you land just right, these things happen! I sometimes post my fav 5 from one day too. Sometimes it feels like one day just stands out more!

    I love your pictures

  3. That sounds like a great week, all except for the wrist breaking of course!
    I would love to have oatmeal like yours, it looks delicious. How do you make it?

  4. One word: OUCH! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you caught that on camera. Poor guy. Glad to hear all will be mended for him before his next sports round.

    Isn’t that something about those weird snow storms. Can you believe one time I looked out my front window and I’m not kidding, it was raining at my neighbors house right next door and it wasn’t at mine. We actually got that on video. I have never seen that in my life.

  5. Oh, no, poor guy!! And how uncanny to catch it on video! Glad it is not his dominant hand and it is in between sports.

    I’d love to get one good snow like that! We’ve had a slight dusting, but that’s it so far.

  6. Tell SporTman that I broke my wrist in high school, and it was my right hand. My teachers made me do my work using my left hand which has forever ruined my handwriting!

    Glad he’s going to be ok, though! Have a great weekend!

  7. If you didn’t already have this name, I would rename my blog Jesus and Dark Chocolate. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    So sorry ’bout the broken wrist!! Healing in Jesus’ Name!

  8. Bummer! It’s great that you see the blessings too – the season over and it being his left hand – it could have been worse. I can’t believe you were taping!

    Hope the pain isn’t too bad and that the healing is speedy!

  9. Sorry to hear about his wrist. I broke my wrist a few years ago ice skating (can you believe it in Hawaii), and it really stinks. I hope he has a quick recovery.

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