He’s 15

SportTman is 15 years old and 6ft. 3in tall!  How did this happen?!!?!  My big teen young man!

Well the big 15 year old and I went on a 15 mile bike ride along the C & O Towpath into Washington DC last Monday.  We started in Great Falls, Md and ended in Georgetown just outside of Washington, DC.

We had a blast, the ride was filled with adventure, it was such a diverse trail, one minute we would be in the middle of no where, in a swampy area filled with blue herons, and ducks.  10 minutes later we are riding under a bridge carrying all the DC traffic on the beltway.

I quickly realized our adventure was so much more than an adventure……..I had my 15 year old teen all to my self for 2 hours.  No cell phone distractions, no friends around, just the two of us riding the trail together.

We bonded, we talked, we enjoyed some quiet moments, we enjoyed just being together.  And as I travel the sometimes rocky waters of being a mom to teenagers, I realize that it is these moments that are so vital to making the passage through those waters a lot easier!

The gift of time spent together, it is such a powerful part of  those teen years.  I had such a blast with my teen, and believe it or not, he would say the same thing!



  1. Sandy,

    What an awesome time spent one on one with your son. I sure hope when mine is 15 he will have time for his mama too.
    But 15 mile bike ride? Wow no wonder you are in such good shape.

  2. Because it’s familiar to me, when I first read Great Falls my mind automatically read Montana. I thought that’s way more than 15 miles! LOL.

    What a great time to spend together. Those are treasured moments, for sure.

  3. wow…that is just so awesome that you did that bike ride with your young man teen!! he’s a cutie…my Courtney would call him a “hottie” lol…..enjoy your first week of school Sandy! I went back today for a few hours, to help in the room, my daughters have classes tomorrow and the students I help teach arrive on Friday…..I am thankful we only have 4 special needs Kindergartners out of 15 this year!! I have a nice small, “small group” of children….I cannot wait to meet them!!

  4. These tiny man/teen moments are price less times spent together. I would so love to turn back to a couple of days of teen time, however I love my grandchildren time also.
    Have a great day

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