Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I just don’t know what to do with you as of late.
I rarely post, and when I do I feel that I always post about being so busy, nothing to insightful!  I started my blog over 3 years ago, I posted 2-3x per week, had regular readers, loved reading other great ladies blogs, and was so immersed in my blogging hobby!  But as of late I just have not had time to post!  Blogging has gone the way of my love for baking, my steadfast interest in feeding my family healthy home-cooked meals ( the other night we had frozen fried chicken from a box and mashed potatoes from a frozen plastic container!) and my love for reading.
I just don’t have time to do the things I enjoy on a regular basis.

So the question is do I give up my blog?
I do bake on occasions, and I do fix a healthy meal for the family on occasion… I am thinking I must cling to my blog, even if it’s an occasional post.  It is after all one of the few interests I do still have. 🙂

When I started this blog my kids were in elementary school and I worked part-time, now I have teens and work full time.  It’s a different season of life.  And although I LOVE it in so many ways, I am a tired mom.  There are those moments when I think giving birth at 19 seems appealing.  Ha ha!

So dear blog, I guess we will stick together a bit longer as we journey through this life God has given to us.
And to my dear readers thanks for sticking with me, I do appreciate ALL of you!!!
So as I encountered some unexpected free time this morning, I think I will drink a little coffee, and do some baking.   Blogging and baking, it  helps keep this mom sane!
Yes, I must keep my blog, it does provide a respite from life and helps me to keep a refreshed resiliency to keep pressing on!


  1. I am a fairly recent subscriber to your blog commentaries. I had not really intended to comment, but I think that I shall, today.

    One loses interest in former glories of life as new pursuits take hold. You don’t have to end your blogging activities, even if you take a hiatus for a while. You can always revisit your blog intermittently.

    I am from South Carolina, and while I have not browsed all of your blog’s entries, not by a long shot, I do browse your new entries in my e-mail, as they arrive to me. So, in at least one sense, your blog is akin to rays of sunshine emanating from you, and traveling the intervening distance to me. Your blog is not a blob, just gathering dust in the well of Cyberspace.

    Your recent blog post about spending time with your teenage son, while bicycling, was a nice reflection, I thought.

    The best blogs, I think, are not ones that are voluminous tomes of knowledge, but rather, ones that contain an occasional gem of human personality. These tend to dot the blogosphere, with most of them being missed by those who might well prefer to actually encounter them. In this sense, your blog takes on a more concentrated element of personality, one unique to its own self. It becomes special. Value begins to inhere in it. The value is intrinsic, abstract, seemingly intangible, but hard to tack down with specific words. Indeed, how does one describe a blog.

    It should not be simply assumed that your blog has reached the apex of either its evolution or its value. Someone, somewhere who is yet to arrive may be the fruit of your blog labors.

    Patience is a virtue. be patient with your blog. Be patient with yourself.

    – Charles –

  2. Sandy,
    I get what you are saying about having time….but, you don’t have to blog every day. I don’t want you to give it up altogether, I like hearing about what is going on in your life.
    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. Like I’ve told you before, we have a lot of similarities!

  3. Besides I would miss you! Your blog and your personality make me smile! I remember when I found your blog… and commented here and there.. you are an inspiration! Hang in there…I am up and down with mine…seems I am lucky if I get a Friday Five some weeks!

  4. YAY….you are keeping your blog! I am soooo glad! I have so much enjoyed getting to know you, Sandy, and I still hope that someday we can meet if you are ever back here in the Adks.
    I also am in a different season from when I first started my blog. I was between teaching jobs for one year and had tons of time to blog that first year…now, with working every day, doing the church ministry stuff I do, plus the girls’ and all their activities…..i am tired! But our pastor just preached this a.m. about living the “song of Creation” meaning starting our day with the Lord, spending daily, weekly and annual time to our selves (rest, refresh our bodies, minds and souls) and take annual vacations. It was an excellent sermon and made me realize that I just have to prioritize a little better to get in some of my own interests…if we make time for us, and keep some of our fave activities, I know the rest will get done and we’ll be much more refreshed! ENjoy the baking time!!

  5. I hear you! I don’t work outside the home, but somehow, I’m kind of at the same place. There are weeks that go by so fast I can hardly think about blogging, and at first, I felt kind of guilty.

    But now, I’m enjoying the freedom I’ve allowed myself. When I have something to share, I share. And when I don’t, I enjoy what God’s keeping me busy with. I’m glad you’ve decided to leave the door open. I enjoy catching up with you when I have the time!

  6. Dear Sandy,

    I haven’t been doing much blogging (writing or reading) lately either. I’ve been drawn to FB because the writing/reading is more time saving. I haven’t forgotten about you though. This summer rolled by and I really wanted to connect with you again. Maybe next summer?

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