Summer Finally and We’re Off on our baseball adventures!

Summer Break, it’s finally here!  It is much needed and anticipated!

My last day of school was somewhat emotional……I cried a bit thinking of what a crazy, exhausting school year it’s been.  From finding out on Oct 1st of Curt’s diagnosis, to the decision for him to stop working, to being at school every day with out him.

Then as our entire school district was gathered for our end of the year meeting, I really teared up!  Curt was due to receive his 15 year award for being with the district for 15 years ( He previously taught in another district for 10 years).  As he went up to accept his award, the sweet colleagues, friends and employees of our school district gave Curt an endearing standing ovation, the superintendent gave him a hug and whispered in his ear that she continues to pray for him!  Well that was all I needed to open the flood gates of tears.  Actually it still brings me to tears as I type this.  It was a moment to cherish.  Such good people of our district!

Yet it was also one of those moments that didn’t seem real.  I stood so touched by the love and care of the friends of our school district, but also stood in disbelief that this is really happening to us.

Shortly after that, I found this neat framed print that seemed to capture the theme of our life these days. It simply reads “Remember the moments, not the days”  The days may seem long, but there are beautiful moments to remember.

But I barely set foot into summer, when we were out the door for our first of many baseball tournaments to Va Tech.  Curt and the kids picked me up at school after that emotional last day and I drove the fam to Va Tech.  After a long day I got a little goofy as we were driving through West Va.  I cranked up the country music and tried to take a little video while I drove.  Excuse the quality of the video, but the looks on the faces of Tyler and Madi are priceless.  They look so VERY mortified that we are their parents and we are acting this way!  Don’t ya just love being the parents of teens! 🙂  And do me a favor don’t tell the kids I posted this on my blog…..ha ha ha!

Curt and Madi outside the stadium at Va Tech

Our schedule is a bit crazy, we have  baseball tournaments scheduled at Univ of Md, Ohio State, Wake Forest, Univ of Cincinnati, and Atlanta, Ga for a week. And guess who hates driving….yep that would be me!  Curt usually drove us everywhere for years, while I read and napped in the car.  Well this summer I will be sharing the driving duties with Tyler… more napping for me.  Two thoughtful friends sent me Starbucks gifts cards……I already spent about 5 dollars off of one of them driving home from Va Tech!  So you can call me the “Car driving Caffeine Chick” this summer! 🙂

So our summer tour has begun, we are off to Univ of Md this weekend.  Look for pictures of our summer adventures.  Pray for lots of coffee, fun, and safety!  I promise I will post more on how Curt is doing next time.  Things have gotten a bit worse, and we are seeing more and more symptoms.  It is such an unpredictable and unforgiving disease!


  1. What a blessing to have Curt’s years of service recognized and for the love everyone showed. I would have been bawling for sure!!

    Did you happen to catch my Mom yet? I keep forgetting to ask her.

    Sorry to hear that things are worse. It must be tough to watch the struggles of your best friend.

  2. Oh, how sweet your co-workers are. What a blessing. Yes, treasure the moments–such good advice.

    I continue to pray for your family. You’ve got quite a summer. I don’t need to take for granted that I still nap and read in the car while my husband drives; I’m sorry that’s yet another thing you’re giving up. I pray the Lord will bless you in multiple ways for all the things you’re handing over to Him to serve Curt and your family.

    I love the video! Makes me smile. If your kids find out, tell them that we’re requesting even MORE videos. 🙂

  3. That’s exactly what I enjoyed about our boys reaching the teen years: embarrassing them!
    It was so nice of the school system to recognize your husband; I would’ve been bawling, too! Be safe on the road!

  4. ha ha 🙂 my kids are past the teenage years, but I still love to mortify them 🙂 I live in the Atlanta area – let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out while you are here. God bless!

  5. Since I’ve never met you guys; it was nice to see real moving, talking people instead of still pics.

  6. Love the video – just a very NORMAL family! OK – not normal for you to be driving and might I add – not the safest thing to be doing while you are driving ;0) Thanks for the update. You will be near us this weekend! Of course, we’ll be moving- but it would have been fun to watch your son play ball. Hope you have lots of great normal times together. Love ya.

  7. Love that your school and district still rallies around you and Curt.

    I’m glad you have some summer fun and hope it is full of sweet moments and that the driving doesn’t weigh you down. I’m glad Tyler is old enough to help.

    I always love hearing how you are doing. Hugs to you my friend.

  8. I can imagine that last day for you!! You’ve been in my thots and prayers…will be praying still and for your son as he does this baseball thing! wow….that’s lotsa traveling…..I saw my oldest get her high school diploma today and it is just an overwhelming, bittersweet feeling…..have a happy summer and treasure those moments….hugs to you!

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