For a moment

I think my daughter will turn out ok……

I came up from the basement yesterday to hear The Inventor running the vacuum cleaner in her room.  My first thought was, what did she spill now?  What kind of mess will I encounter when I arrive at her room, I thought to myself.  I slowly made my way up the stairs, peer into her room.

I ask her, “what are you doing honey?”

“Getting all the hair up mom”

“Hair…from what?” I say,  looking at the two little neighbor girls she had over, and also noticing my haircutting scissors on the floor.

The Inventor glances at me and said “the hair we cut off of those old stuffed animals, I was just cleaning it all up!”

I love my daughter! 🙂


  1. Oh, the memories that flooded my brain while I was reading… Like when I cut my own hair (that was long & straight, one length, that I literally sat on)… One night without parental vision, I decided I needed bangs! Well, of course it wasn’t cut “straight”, so I just kept cutting and cutting and… I had a mini-buzz right in the middle of my forehead! Although it was over 35 years ago, I can still see the look of shock and horror on my mother’s face when she discovered my experiment gone wrong!!! 🙂 Stuffed animal hair is so much better… it doesn’t need 2 years to grow back or to heal from peer abuse! Hee. Hee. 🙂

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