1. LOL!! too funny. BUT…guess what! Here in our school district (North Colonie: 7 elementary schools, 1 junior high, 1 high school) we say CHRISTMAS and no one seems to mind! We are respectful of the large numbers of Indians in the district who don’t celebrate it (their Diwali holiday falls around Thanksgiving time I believe and we often have teachers who incorporate that into the curriculum, especially the younger grades). We also include the Jewish children during Hannukah although we have a very small Jewish pop. in this town. But..that cartoon says it all for most of our nation, hm??
    LOVE the tree in your office!!

  2. LOVE the cartoon!

    And love that our public school choir teacher had the choir sing several Christian Christmas songs, and the parent/faculty choir has the tradition of singing the Hallelujah Chorus at the end of each Winter Concert.

  3. That cartoon made me LOL. Then I thought about it and it was sad!!! I have a friend who is a Kindergarten teacher in CV and she has Jehovah Witness students. She wasn’t even allowed to have a “holiday” party. She had to change her whole party theme at the last minute. Our grandparents wouldn’t believe our world today.

    I didn’t know you had a blog either!

  4. Very funny and very sad all at the same time. My kids go to the Separate School system (which is Catholic) so we don’t have issues with this.

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