Are they different? You bet!

I have been blessed to have both a boy and a girl.  The Inventor is currently 12, soon to be 13 and SportTman is 15.   As you can see from the picture above, they are both such lovely children!

I have noticed a “few” differences between them over the years, and just recently heard these things around my house.

The Inventor, ” Mom, have you seen my TEAL shirt?”

SportTman, “What is TEAL?”

The Inventor, “It’s a shade of green, with a bit of blue in it.”

SportTman, “Then just call it greenish, w/ some blue!!!!”

At bedtime

I sat and talked with The Inventor for over a half hour, I had gone in to say good night, and what followed was a usual lengthy bedtime discussion.

I then went down to say good night to SportTman, he simply said “Good night Mom” and he was off to sleep!!!


Then Inventor sets her alarm and gets up each morning at 6:00, her clothes are laid out the night before, she lingers in the bathroom, and has her school stuff all laid out and ready to go each morning.

SportTman, gets up at 6:30, takes a quick shower, gathers his clothes from the floor, or clean laundry basket, looks helplessly around his floor for his school books.  And scurries out to the car, often still putting on his shoes!

I love them both, and love how God created each child so unique and special!

God truly did make

Girls and Boys

Men and Women

Husband and Wives


All for His purposes!


  1. love the pics especiall the mountain top one 🙂

    Well, I wasn’t blessed with a son but my 2 daughters are SOOOOOOO different….and so full of life, love, and laughter that it doesn’t matter which one is neater, and which one gets up on time, etc. I embrace their differences and thank God for each one of ’em! ( i kinda wish they BOTH would get up on time tho 🙂 )…lol….

  2. Wow…that is some picture. Open wide!! I cracked up. I agree with you…all three of my teens are so very different too. I totally get your daughter’s “routine”…sounds just like what I do.

  3. Oh, my, and we wondered in the sixties who “Deep Throat” was.

    I am happy that you celebrate their differences. Most of what you notice is typical boy/girl differences. i really wish those differences were taught to every couple about to embark on marriage. It could well save divorces. More couples need to know that it is just “The nature of the beast.”

  4. It always amazes me how children can come from the same genes and yet be so very different. My three are all very different from each other. Loved that first pic though. I guess they do have some similarities. LOL.

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