Friday Fave Five

I missed joining this fine and fun group of ladies last week.  But I won’t miss it this week!  For more Friday Fave Five, please stop by and visit Susanne.

Well I guess one of my Faves is a snow day today.  It’s 8:30 and I just woke up! It’s always nice to not have to rush out the door in the mornings!  Sipping coffee and reading blogs on a snow day.  Nice!!!!

Last weekend was fun, The Inventor had a sleepover with 5 other girls.  Of course we had the sleepover while Drums was away playing drums for a Mission Fest and SportTman was on a Winter Retreat.  I enjoyed having the silly 12 &13 year old girls over.  They made pancakes and french fries at 1:30 am, “decorated” one of the girls in tons of rolls of TP, dipped their hands in a hot parrafin wax hand spa,and watched the movie “Up.”

These YUMMY, simple “homemade” donuts are always a fave on a cold and snowy day.  In my opinion you can NEVER go wrong with hot, fried dough, rolled in powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar!  The recipe simply requires a tube of refrigerator biscuits.  Cut out the middle of a biscuit ( I just use the lid of a vitamin bottle, it’s the perfect size), fry in about 2 cups of oil, then roll while still hot in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. Trust me, you WILL eat them as you are rolling them in the sugar mixtures, so hard to wait for these!

Coffee is always a favorite for me.  I have been enjoying this Green Mtn. French Toast coffee immensely as of late!

Last night I was helping SportTman write a short paper on the influence of the Monroe Doctrine on foreign policy.  And since Drums, the social studies teacher, was NOT home.  I had to limp my way through the internet to help him out.  I love the MANY great reference sources available on the internet!  The days of the ole World Book Encylopedia are LONG gone!  Loved this site and this one!   Our school district has a membership to both of these sites through the school library.  So research was made simple!  And let me tell you, I now know all you ever wanted to know about the Monroe Doctrine!


  1. Lydia’s daycare mom made those donuts…they look so good..i will need to try them! Monroe Doctrine???ewwww I would have cried! Have a great

  2. I’m thinking tonight might be a great time for me to do a test-run of your doughnut recipe! Then I can try it on my own batch of 12-13 girls who are coming next Friday night. Sounds delicious.

    My parents have stacks and stacks of encyclopedias. What to do with them now? I don’t want them! Ha. I’m thankful for the internet, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Evil! Evil! Woman you are EVIL! MUST you really share an EASY homemade DOUGHNUT recipe with me??? Now Jesus is really going to have to work double – no, TRIPLE time to keep me AWAY from the biscuit aisle when I next go to the grocery store! Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh! Such wickedness… at a place called Jesus, and Dark Chocolate… I dunno… I think I need to go pedal now… just for THINKING about those doughnuts!

    Sounds like those little girls had a graaaaaand time at your house! I have one of those hot paraffin dippers. I haven’t used it in ages… I should get that out. (better THAT than the frying pan!)

  4. GASP – my mom used to make those donuts for us when we were young and I had completely forgotten about them! Oh I must make them for my family – thanks for the memory. 🙂

  5. Aww…your girl sleepover sounds like SO much fun to this mom of four sons.

    My students are finishing up research papers, so I know well the wonders of those online sites. That Gage cengage site is pretty awesome. The only problem is that they have to learn to do more than cut and paste — they have to learn to really paraphrase!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Oh my seeing those girls at the sleep over made me skip ahead just a year or two to all the fun my girls will be having with their friends. What a fun time. I love coffee and snow days too. we should have had one yesterday too. The roads were horrible and the snow came down all day and didn’t stop until about 6pm. Hope you had a nice day off.

  7. Pancakes at 1:30 a.m.? Oh my. I don’t know if my sleepy self could have done that. I’m sure the girls had great fun.

    Now I’m craving doughnuts. Those just look too good.

    I love the internet for helping with the kids homework. I keep telling them “Google” is their friend. LOL.

  8. I’m cracking up over Melli’s comment! I admit to scrolling really really fast over the photo of those donuts and the recipe! Fleeing the temptation! Girls overnight was always so much fun at our house (before they all grew up and moved away)!

  9. Hey my friend! You won my giveaway! YAY!!! I was so glad to see your name. You’ve been a great blog friend! So if you will email your address to me, I will gladly put it in the mail! Take care my friend!

  10. A snow day, AND homemade donuts? Can I come to your house?? 🙂

    My parents didn’t get much snow this time. Maybe 6 or 8 inches. They are farther east. How much did you get? Most of our snow is gone here in Indiana. But on the positive side, I’m seeing my bulbs starting to come up!

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