Friday Fave Five

Wow, I know I say this almost every week…..this week sure went fast!!!!

It’s been a busy basketball week at our house!  SportTman living up to his name, got to play on the Varsity team in the District basketball game at a huge indoor arena.  The first game on Sat.  his team lost miserably, but they put my freshman boy in for some playing time.  And he did great!  Played the entire 4th quarter, scored 6pts, and had several rebounds.  Such a great experience for him to play at that level as a freshman.  The team went on to play 2 other late games this week ( we got home well after 11:30 both  school nights, so if my post doesn’t make sense you know why….), and won one and lost the other.  But they now qualify for states.  And he gets to be part of the team for that too!  Big excitement….but I must admit I am one tired mom!!!

Another fav happened in my classroom this week.  I made pancakes with my special needs students.  It was a rare opportunity to do something fun.  Each student had the opportunity to pour their own pancake onto the hot griddle, and add either chocolate chips or sprinkles.  It was tons of fun, and a great opportunity to teach those critical life skills my students need.

The family joined the local rec center this past weekend.  We LOVE it!  There is a beautiful new fitness area, with LOTS of tech savvy exercise equipment……enough to inspire this workout mom.   The kids love the pool and the new gym.  It’s turning out to be a great family activity.

I see shades of green……or at least bits of brown grass.  I love each season, and after the record snowfalls of this year, I am looking forward to spring flowers, and green grass.

New York Style bagels at my favorite coffee shop.  We stopped in on Thurs this week.  I just LOVE these bagels!  Hard crusty outside, soft inside……Mmmmmm!

How was your week?  For more Favorites stop by and visit Susanne.


  1. Pancakes??? way cool! I was thinking about doing Belgian waffles with my kids… we have one of those hotel belgian machines!

    Congrats to your son for playing time and for qualifying for the State tournament! So exciting! Basketball Rocks!

    Have a great week!

  2. I love bagels. Haven’t had one in awhile. I’ll have to now remedy that.

    Congrats to your son. I remember basketball seasons well. So much fun but tiring.

  3. Ohhhhhh I’m SO glad to hear about SportTman! I thought after that injury a couple of weeks ago that he might be out for the season. I’m glad to hear he was not – and that he got such a great opportunity! It’s going to be fun to watch him progress through his high school years!

    I used to love doing activities like that with the specials. They have SO much fun! Everything is delightful through their eyes! Did you have to get parental permission for them to use the griddle? (did you have to get BOARD permission to bring IN a griddle???)

    Shame on you tempting me with those bagels now! You’re bad! Just bad! But then… you can go to that GREAT new rec center and work it off! I need a rec center like that! We DO have a new indoor pool opening this spring/summer! I’m hoping to at least get a water aerobics class in!

    Have a GREAT week Sandy!

  4. I live on the West Coast and we had some friends recently move over from New York. Bagels are a frequently discussed topic! I’m so curious! =)

    Pancake making sounds like it was a blast!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Sandy! that’s awesome about your SportMan and way awesome about joining the rec center. I am hoping after our Paris trip that I will have some savings to get a Y membership….
    I LOVE cooking with our special needs students…we sometimes do potato pancakes at Hannukah time as we teach all the “winter holidays”. it ‘s always a blast….

    and I am so with you on the NY bagels 🙂 I love mine with Garden Veggie creamcheese….YUMMY!

  6. Congrats to SporTman’s team going to state, that is really special.

    I think it’s great that you teach life skills to your specials … probably all students need to learn to make pancakes!

    The rec center sounds like a great activity for your family. If we didn’t live 25 miles from the nearest one, I might do the same …

  7. Bagels…..AND signs of Spring! What blessings you’ve enjoyed this week. It’s such a treat to see some greenery poking up through the melting snow, isn’t it?

  8. It’s so good to see that first patch of green (or brown). And congrats to your son for a game well played. Have a great (and more restful) weekend!

  9. Congratulations to your son. Good luck to him and his team in states!

    I don’t think I knew you worked with special needs. It tells a lot about your heart. 🙂 I worked for a while with brain injured children at Dupont, and it was such a rewarding experience. Hard sometimes. But rewarding.

  10. Glad you enjoy basketball games. I’ve watched my fair share through the years and love it, too. Can’t wait for March Madness soon. Joining the rec center sounds like such a great family activity. Does that mean you can eat even more chocolate now? That’s how my mind would think. ha. Not a big bagel fan; this southern girl thinks biscuits are the best. But if I’m ever near somewhere that serves New York Style bagels, I’ll give one a try.

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