Life and Times of Me

I got home from school on a beautiful Thurs. afternoon and knew even though my schedule looked VERY busy that I really need to get a nice bike ride workout in. So I attempted to squeeze it in during a 45 min. empty time slot I had.  Thinking that it looked nice out, but that I would be cold, I dressed in a sweatshirt and sweatpants.  Now try to get a mental picture of what I am going to present to you here……..
I’m heading out on my bike, about 5 min. into the ride I knew I overdressed.  I was sweating away, so I did as any trendy 40 something momma biker does, I rolled up my pants above my knees cuz I was hot!  I happened to glance down and notice that I was still wearing my brown dress socks from school, with my lovely black sweatpants. I must also note at this time, in my rush this morning I could not find my nice girly brown dress socks, so I wore my husbands!
Feeling like a real athletic dork, I pressed on not wanting to go home to change!
As I got farther out into the county relieved that no cars had passed me for the last 10 min.  I decided that…… (this is fair warning for those who did not grow up with brothers may find my actions offensive, you may want to stop reading this post.)
I decided that I needed to hawk a good loogie, ok for those who are not familiar with 14 year old boy language that I  often hear these days………. I needed to spit.  And for those of you who grew up with sisters only and may find that offensive,  see if this sounds better…I needed to discharge some saliva.  So just as I  discharged some saliva I heard a car go by.  I looked up to see my neighbors, and as any women who was just seen by her neighbors riding her bike with hot pink headphones in her ears, discharging saliva, her pants rolled up and gorgeous brown dress socks showing for all to see.  I did as any good women would do……I waved!
I arrived home 25 minutes later to find that my children and a large neighborhood gang of 6 kids had ordered pizza and had it delivered to SportTman’s fort in the woods.  Nice I don’t have to make dinner tonight!  🙂
I realized in that moment on my bike that as long I’m serving Jesus, being a good wife and mom, being embarrassed really doesn’t matter much anymore I don’t have time for it!  Life is about priorities, and riding my bike was a priority.
But even more important,  is that I am striving to  live a life that honors God, even if I look like a dork doing it. Sure there are those times when I end up doing goofy things, forgetful things, embarrassing things, but in the big picture, it really doesn’t matter much in this life.
I strive to have my priorities, actions, and time reflect  Him on a daily basis….even if I am wearing hubs brown dress socks!


  1. I am sorry…but I had to laugh at the hubbies brown dress socks. You are too funny, but I do give you a ton of credit for always enjoying the weather and getting your exercise. I need to do that.

  2. Fire rode 15 miles yesterday, and he overdressed as well, pushing up his sweat pants to be cooler. He said something similar about looking weird with pushed up pants. He also received a sunburn during his trek.

    Lord, I thank You for my fashion-sensitive friend, who exudes lovliness at all times and in all types of attire!!! 😉

  3. All I want to know is…had you shaved?

    Jayne and I were riding once and a bug flew in my mouth. I quickly spit and then apologized to Jayne. She said, “That’s nothing…you should ride with Ron and Ty.” 🙂

    And you were so right about the post migr syndrome!!! I was up Mon morning at 4am vomiting from the headache. So I guess I was still in that same sleep pattern.

  4. LOL…LOL!! Oh my girl you do make me laugh! Sandy, you and I are so much a like I know we could be good friends in real life. We might get into a little mischief too. Not bad stuff mind you!

    I find the older I get the less I am embarrassed. Who cares? This is who I am! Take me or leave me, right?

    Have a wonderful weekend my fashionable, loogie hocking, little bit sweaty and always FUN friend!!

  5. Ha ha.. I so loved this!!! GREAT visual…
    I always tell my kiddos.. who cares who see’s you while you’re exercising.. if anyone makes fun of you for doing so or what you look like doing it.. it’s because they’re jealous and wish they had as much energy as you do!!! Got to keep it positive for them… right???

  6. Hey, my husband knows you!!! Small world…

    My husband had your husband as a teacher…and now he works at the same place you do as a maintenance man – his name is Jesse. Did you already know this? Were you at the LEFC Friday night thing?


  7. AMEN AND AMEN! this totally cracked me up!
    I stopped caring what I look like when working out at about age 39. I just needed, at that age, to get the baby in the jogger stroller and spend time outside…while the 5 year old was in school. and let me tell ya…I didn’t always have the trendiest leggings and matching top. but i must say. I never did wear my hubby’s sox. but then again, i hardly ever wear sox! You just crack me up Sandy..this was just what i needed to read on a dreary grey rainy monday afternoon!

  8. If anyone had told me when I was in college that I would go so many places with no makeup on, I would have been amazed. It’s so nice to be comfortable in our skin!

    I thought of you when this happened!

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