My kids are 12 & 14 and today we bought our first item at Aeropostale.  Actually it was the first time we even went in the store.

Aeropostale for those of you with out tweens/teens is one of the latest hip, trendy stores to come down the pike.  “All the kids” are wearing Aeropostale.  Except of course my kids…………. until now.   And actually they really didn’t care that they were not big Aeropostale ( or Hollister, or Abercrombie) consumers.

We went in the store while feeling frustrated at not being able to find a bathing suit long enough for SportTman’s ever growing long legs!  We were looking everywhere.  While in there we spotted this shirt on sale, 2 for $30.  SportTman was in desperate need of a nicer shirt, so I bought 2 for him.

So that is how we got our first Aeropostale shirt…..and for those of you who are still reading this… are wondering, so what?  What’s the big deal?aeropostale-2950Well to us it is a big deal.  Up until now we have resisted buying hip and trendy clothes for our kids.  We keep up with style trends to a certain point.  However we buy most clothes at Kohls and even WalMart.  And guess what folks, my kids actually have LOTS of friends even though they don’t wear name brand clothes.  ( at this point please detect my sarcasm)

We have stressed to our kids to be in this world but not to be ruled by this fading world.  It’s ok to be part of the world to a certain degree, but the problem for teens is when they embrace the things of this world with passion, excitement and obsession.  And they don’t embrace the things of God in the same way.  My kids are not ruled by fashion trends, they understand styles come and go, but it is who they are in Christ, that will never change!

Buying a simple shirt today, taught my teen/tween a  great deal on how they view this world!  It turned out to be a great lesson!


  1. I think that is awesome and what a lesson. You are a fabulous mom. Aren’t we so blessed to have children that love the Lord and care more about that relationship? Love the shirt though.
    I only shop those stores with coupons and on sales. You can actually get really great deals if you hit the stores at the right time. I got my girls are graphic t from there for 4 dollars.

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