Works for Me Wednesday- Ice Cream

Several years ago I bought this Aritic Twister by Black and Decker for $15 at Ollies, for some unknown reason, I used it a few times, and then it was relegated to a top shelf to live a life a collecting lots of dust.  I got it down the other day, to consider throwing it out and thought I would give it one more chance.

I did and I LOVE it!!!!! It turns hard ice cream in to soft ice cream, and the best part is you can add things in like crushed oreos, fresh blueberries, cut up Resses Peanut Butter Cups ( my fav!), whatever sounds good to you.   It makes your own homemade, custom ordered Dairy Queen Blizzard.

The kids and I have been having so much fun with it….and I am probably adding thousands of extra calories to my summer diet.

But after all, isn’t summer all about ice cream! 🙂

Yummy ice cream with lots of creative mix-ins made, made in my kitchen, and enjoyed together on our deck….that Work for Me!!  For more Works for Me, check out We Are THAT Family.

Artic twister

M eating ice cream


  1. YUMMY!!!! I’d love this little appiance!!
    ANd yes…summer is ALL About ice cream. We even just googled ice cream places for the Bass Harbor area! and yeah….we have a cute spot to look forward to in Southwest Harbor which is close to our cottage!

    If you DO get to the ADKS let me know when and where…..maybe we could meet???? for what else?? CHOCOLATE or ICE CREAM or COFFEE! would be so fun……keep me posted….

  2. yummy… we got one at a garage sale…never used it…I wonder if we still have it! I put up a video of my Mission Trip if you want to take a peek!

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