The Creation Museum

Several of you left comments wondering about the Creation Museum from my last post.  So I wanted to post more information on it.

It’s in Boone County, Kentucky and it’s vision is part of the ministry of AiG ( Answers in Genesis) and lead by Creation Scientist and speaker Ken Hamm.

It’s a beautiful, modern museum with lots of interesting, interactive displays.  I was a bit disappointed that it did not have as much scientific data on the research and facts for Creation.  It had several informative facts on the formation of canyons and different landforms so  quickly after the eruption of Mt. St Helens in May of 1980.  It compares how quickly this change took place, to show that yes, change in geological terms can take place quickly.  There were several other displays along this line of thinking, but I wish there were more.  There was also a satirical movie, called “Men In White”, it’s  funny and it gives some interesting facts on evidence for  Creation and the need for a savior.  It also has some fun interactive stuff, like getting squirted in the face with water during a flood scene!  My kids loved it!

However, the museum clearly displays a fallen world and the need for Christ.   It makes a loud statement that we are all sinners in need of a savior and that savior is Jesus.

There of course is a lot of controversy and negative press surrounding this museum.  And since the Creation Museum is  the topic of this post I do expect to get some negative traffic/comments to this post like I did with this post about laminin. The comments from the post on laminin are interesting, if you read that post you must also read all the comments.

Enjoy the pictures and if you are in the Cincinnati, Ohio area anytime soon, stop by The Creation Museum, it is well worth the trip.  And may God use that museum for His glory!

Adam and Eve in the garden, with Eve’s long hair placed so carefully as not to reveal too much. 🙂

adam and eve

As a public school teacher, this really cracked me up!

students at museum

Great sign!

sign at museum

There was a really cool, rope/cable bridge outside in the gardens.  The kids LOVED running across this bridge and trying not to loose their balance.  You looked like a drunk when walking across this wobbly bridge….but my kids did not look drunk since they RAN across the bridge!  The 2nd picture is of  SportTman running full speed across the bridge chasing his cousin.

M running acroos bridge

T chasing Josh on bridge

Me and SportTman

in the garden with T

The Inventor LOVED the large and diverse feeding/petting zoo.  Here she is with her new BFF camel.

M feeding camel

The whole fam in the museum’s lovely outdoor gardens.  If you now notice in the picture The Inventor can’t stand in front of Drums anymore because she is getting too tall, she is 12 and is now wearing a size 9 shoe.  I see a growth spurt coming!  And SportTman now over shadows all of us at 14 he is 6″1′!  🙂

all of us in the garden


  1. It amazes me that it would get such negative controversy when it clearly states it is a “creation” museum. Do they really think they’ll expect Darwinism theory to be displayed in there? If you don’t want to go in, then don’t. Sheesh. Tolerance for everything except Christianity, eh?

    It looks like such an interesting place. And very professional. We have a very tiny one in a town in Southern Alberta but it is nowhere on that scale that I know of.

  2. I’d love to visit the Creation Museum. Regarding the Mount Saint Helen’s erpution, I was able to teach my general science and biology students the two differing scientific schools of thought about how our world came to be.

    Uniformitarianism is the thought that the world and all life as we know it was formed by slow, gradual processes taking millions or even billions of years. The theory of macroevolution fits into this line of thought.

    Catastrophism is the belief that the world and all life was formed through a series of catastophes, and everything was formed in a relatively brief span of time, thousands of years.

    What I appreciated about how my texts approached the subject of creation was that the author attempted to be non-biased in his assessment of the scientific evidence.

    Whether one believes the world and all life in it was the result of random chance or whether one believes our world and the life in it was created by a Grand Designer, requires faith.

    If looking to watch a great movie on the subject, watch “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed.” The website is

    It comes from a creationist perspective and exposes the “persecution” the scientific and educational communities experience when they are open about the scientific flaws in the theory of evolution.

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