Friday Fave Five


What a week it has been!  We just arrived home from Ohio after a  nice, long visit with lots of relatives.  But I must admit it is nice to be back at our own home!  It is true, what dear Dorthy said in the Wizard of Oz…..”there is no place like home!”  And our home has 2 bathrooms, the home we stayed at had 1 bathroom and about 15 people sleeping over on it’s fullest night. 🙂  You can only imagine!
So my list this week will vary a bit.  For more Fave Five, click on the button above and visit Susanne.
Drums and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary on the 17th!! Wow, 20 years!  I still remember the day we got married like it was yesterday. 🙂  We did not do anything special since we were away, but we are working on a special night out.
The Creation Museum in Kentucky.  We visited this museum for the day on Wed.  I am planning to post tons of pictures  of the museum, the facts and information and the beautiful setting and gardens that surround the museum.  But for now here are  a few teasers.
SportTman taking out a dinosaur.
T and dinasour
Adam in the garden

adam in garden #1

The beautiful gardens
outdoor gardens
Shady Maple! This is an INCREDIBLE smorgasbord near us that we go to every year for breakfast as soon as school is out.  We take our time and act like real pigs.  And it’s wonderful!  I loved the sweet potato pancake I had and the cheesy hash browns.
Maps – It’s funny we have a great GPS that gets us every where we need to go.  But on our recent trip to Ohio, the kids had a great time following where we went with a good ole fashion map!
And I am LOVING ALL the fresh fruit that abounds this time of the year!  I live in farm country and there are farmer’s produce stands all over the place.


  1. awesome list! the museum looks fantastic!!

    COngrats on 20 years!! we’re celebrating 19 on the 30th in Acadia!!!

    My list is finally up…..enjoy your weekend.

  2. I’ve been wanting to go to that museum. Maybe soon…

    Hmm….you make me wonder if GPS will one day make traditional map reading skills more obsolete. There might be a few women happy about that. ha.

    Thanks for sharing your week.

  3. Happy Anniversary – looks like you had a fun visit to the Creation Museum. I’m sure you’re glad to be home – 15 people + 1 bathroom = interesting!

  4. Happy 20th Anniversary! Hope you are able to plan an appropriate celebration.

    I’ve never heard of the creation museum…where is it? I would love to visit it sometime – would be a nice change from having to endure the evolutionist lies that abound in most museums about ancient times.

  5. I love going out for breakfast! It’s just such a great way to start the day! That’s a fun tradition that you do every year! 🙂

  6. In the book Living a Year Biblically they talk about the Creation Museum… I think I need to visit there! Happy Anniversary…We will be celebrating our 25th at the end of July! Woozer!!!

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