Now that I have a son in high school and a daughter in middle school, I have begun to notice a few signs that I am a true mom of teens.

I said to my classroom aide “BRB” (texting talk for be right back) when I had to leave class for a moment to go to the bathroom.

I took the kids to McDonalds for a fun breakfast last Sat. morning and I literally knew half of the teens who worked there!

I notice SportTman watching me more as I drive, and asking a lot of questions about my driving skills and road wisdom.

I am competent at the beginner level of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and proud of it! 🙂

I am tripping over size 13 men’s sneakers and size 9 women’s sneakers.

These are just a FEW of the things I have noticed this past week.


  1. Oh that is too funny. My 9 year old loves to say BRB. Cracks me up. I so do NOT text…I know I am old fashioned…so I don’t even know all the lingo. But I do know BRB, because of her. LOL

  2. lol….I love the BRB…I do similar text talk. Like btw or g2g. Too funny!
    My oldest is gonna take her permit test sometime in the next 2 weeks…whenever I can manage to get her to dmv after school before they close! We have the last mon. of Sept off from school due to Jewish holiday but I kinda wanna go hiking that day if weather is good!

    The sign that I have a pre-teen in 5th grade…my baby…my ballerina….”mom, I need to go shopping with you so you know what kind of shirts to buy me now: (ARGH….she used to not care…would wear anything I bought…usually loved it!) and she HATED shopping!!!!!! they grow up too fast!

    hope you’re having a great week.

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