It was a beautiful fall day in my neck of the world today, so I headed out to plant 50 spring bulbs back in our woods!  I was enjoying my quiet time in the woods planting bulbs, until……….the attack of the gigantic, gross worms!!!!  Ewwwwww!  I noticed that the one area I was digging in the dirt looked a bit different, it was broken up into little pieces.  I thought it odd, but just dug away to plant my bulbs.  But as I dug, suddenly 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 HUGE worms came squirming out of the earth.  They looked like mini snakes to me, I then realized the weird dirt was really worm poop……ok, the official term is worm “castings.”  ( I goggled worm poop and that is what it said, “castings.”  Now my post must sound more scientific!)    But after I cleared the area of the “castings” and picked up the worms with a shovel and threw them as far as my mom muscles could throw a worm being flung from a shovel.

I then began to plant lots of daffodil bulbs in the former worm sanctuary.  I thought to myself I am going to bring some spring beauty to this former worm haven.

And then it hit me, that is what God does to us.  He takes our disgusting “castings” and plants something new and beautiful in our hearts!  So next spring when I see those daffodils arise from the dirt, I will smile to myself and thank God that he can make such beauty in the midst of something so nasty!!!!!



  1. God give us beauty for ashes and daffodils for casts. What an awesome God we serve!!!

    Sandy, I haven’t told you in a while how great you are! You are a wonderful mom and wife; I know you have to be a great teacher, but most of all, you know Jesus with your heart and not just with head knowledge. Oh, and you’re also a really funny gal!

    With Much Love…
    Beautiful Grace

  2. YAY! Another Believer who can hear/see God with things such as worm poop! Oh I love it! I always am amazed on how God’s masterpieces come to be……such as an ugly caterpillar can turn into a beautiful butterfly.

    so YAY! So happy that I came by…..God knew I needed this. You see, today I rambled on and on about my trials with my recent infertility and decision to maybe go further trying to have another baby in my 40s…well one thing led to another and I found myself seeing/hearing God through a baby chick being hatched today….sometimes I think I am just plain nuts when I relate God to simple things, but I don’t believe our God wastes any opportunity for His glory to shine.

    I have some of my best conversations with God when I am shoveling poop in my barn…..OK, now I am rambling…..but so happy that God led me here.


  3. I loved your post, but you do know that now your bulbs in this area will thrive. Worm castings and having this many worms is a gardeners delight even if gross. When I lived in Arizona, I grew many things others could not, I believe it was because I made my ground soggy and planted worms to help break up the dry soil!

  4. Greetings from Oklahoma!

    I was searching Google for images of worms for my 5 year old son, and your blog came up with the above picture. He’s really excited now, so you’ve made a little boy happy tonight.

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