Run the Race

M at the start

I have been so immersed in The Inventor’s cross country races lately that it seems that I even dream about running!  I some how relate everything to running and races. 🙂  I even found myself at the busy grocery store last week, thinking I had to “beat” the lady in front of me with the fully loaded grocery cart to the check out line.  And let me tell you, I cruised right past her, and into the check out line in no time. I left her in the dust baby!

See I told you, I have issues!!! 🙂

As was the case on Sunday while teaching my favorite Jr. High Sunday schoolers, I read them this verse;

1 Corinthians 9:24

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

It related to the lesson, and it must have also related to my life.  I just kept thinking about that verse all day!

The Inventor has run many races lately, and in each one, I know she gives it her all!  She runs to win.

It got me thinking about my life, I run lots of daily races/activities, do I always run to win.  Do I put my whole heart into something?  Or am I running just too many races, that I am too tired to run to win?

I tend to think that I do an ok job of balancing all “my races.”  Sure, I grow weary in the races at times, but I think I usually give it my all!  But that is ONLY because several years ago as a means of survival I had to learn to say NO to certain races(activities)!  I had to learn that even though all those races looked like something I wanted to do, or thought I should do, or I felt guilty that not enough people would run so I would have to.

I  soon realized I was not running my races well, I had too many races(activities) and I was suffering from fatigue and overworked muscles!

But now I have learned that it is ok to say no to certain commitments and to keep my priorities lined up so I can “run in such a way to get the prize.”  Are you doing your best in all you do?  Or are you over committed, fatigued and weary?

Trust me as an experienced “racer” it is good to say NO to certain races(activities), and I am thankful for God’s reminder this weekend to say NO to things.   So I too can have enough energy, strength, and motivation to run to win in all I do!!

Runners to your mark, set…….GO!

15 place today


  1. Sandy,

    I love to hop over here because I know I am going to read something I can use in my life. You always have something great to share.
    I love that verse. I do want to run so that I will win the prize. Doing all for HIS glory not mine.
    Have a blessed Tuesday!

  2. Interesting, Sandy! I am listening to the sermon I missed from 9/20/09 as I’m reading this post and guess what it on…running the race with perseverance! Tooo cooool!!!

    Congratulations, Inventor. I see that metal around your neck!!! Yeah!!!!

  3. Amen! I hope to run the race to win. It is so easy to get caught up in what we should do that we don’t leave time leave time for what is important or I’ve also heard it put, “We get so busy with the urgent that we forget to take time for what’s really important.” Thank you for this great reminder my friend!

    Congratulations to Inventor!!!!

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