Friday Fave Five

Say it isn’t so….Friday already!

This will be a quick post since I am tired….it was back to school for this teacher, so I am worn out tonight.  And my feet ache, and I have blisters from wearing real shoes! 🙂

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So the faves for this week

  • The Inventor got a young lady haircut!  She went from elementary school girl to middle school girl in an instant after her new shorter cut.  She was even able to donate her hair to Lock of Love.  We had talked about cutting her hair all summer, and I finally got around to it!  It does look nice on her.

  • The first day of school for teachers was Tues. and the first day for the students was Wed.  It was a hectic first day for me, there were lots of bumps in the road.  But we survived, and the next day was a better day for me and my special needs students.  Who I must add, were all quite excited to be back at school!

  • SportTman started high school this year.  ( seems like I was just watching him wave with such enthusiasm as he drove away on the bus to kindergarten!)  He attends the same public high school that Drums and I teach at.  Lucky kid isn’t he! 🙂  It has been fun to see him during the school day.  It’s also a great opportunity for secret mom covert spying on him an his friends!

  • We enjoyed one last big breakfast on our deck on Labor Day.  There is nothing like pancakes, fresh Vt. maple syrup and bacon to start off my last full day of summer!

breakfast on the deck

The first day of school went well for my kids, and that made me a happy mom!

Actually I must admit, I don’t like this pic of the 2 of them, but it was the best one I took that morning.  But I got that cherished first day of school picture that all good moms need to have.

first day

How was your week?


  1. Great five… I have blisters too…and the bottoms of my feet hurt! I didn’t know your dh taught also! A new teacher (spec ed) at our school has her whole family in our building. She loves it!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have been following your blog for a while but I have never left a comment, so here I go. WOW, they both look so grown up in that picture and she certainly does have a young lady haircut. God Bless!

  3. When I subbed, I always subbed in one of my kids schools … I loved having the opportunity to see them during the day! And even though they weren’t thrilled that I knew there teachers so well, and knew more about what they were up to, there were times when they REALLY appreciated being able to come find me if they needed me! (I’m thinking especially of the day my son’s girlfriend broke up with him right before English class! They had been seeing each other for 2 years!) OY! As God would have it, that was my lunch period! 🙂

    Breakfast on your deck looks LOVELY! And yummy!

    I love the Inventor’s haircut! Really cute!!!

  4. Nice haircut! She does look more grown up doesn’t she? Wow, I can’t believe how tall your son is.

    Breakfast on the deck sounds so lovely and your backyard looks beautiful. We couldn’t do that around this time of year for fear of being deluged by the durn wasps and hornets. They are crazy at this time of year.

    “real shoes” made me laugh. I so know what you mean.

  5. I am gonna miss my breakfasts on the deck! but there is always the weekends….until the frost begins! 🙂

    thanks for your comments on my blog recently…yeah..I wish you lived closer too! pray that my friend and I can find some time to spend together in the mountains…..

    I LOVE my new class but it is gonna be hectic. we have 15 kindergarteners 7 with special needs, all boys, and out of those 7, 3 have autism. one is fairly delayed with it. my little guy i worked with last year is doing well tho….i am now closely working/teaching in small group, 3 of them….it’s a busy morning..but at least the district is still letting me work part time!

    enjoy the first full week next week! see ya on FB or here….

  6. I came across your blog on a search and then glanced at your blog and blogroll.

    Here is one blogroll that you might want to add ~
    It is someone’s personal diet/devotional journal online.
    I found it very inspirational.

    Thank you for keeping your blogroll updated and for serving the Lord daily. – Pam

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