Big decision…..

Nap or exercise? Check back later to see what I end up choosing πŸ™‚

If you guessed exercise you are right! The nap was tempting, but it was a beautiful day. So I got on my ugly stylish orange biking shirt, and rode several miles out in the hilly, manure smelling farm country near my house. I am a firm believer in regular exercise, even thou it is so hard to find the time!!! It does a body, mind and soul good. I can’t tell you how often I pray, and listen to christian music while I walk or ride bike. I even find myself praying out loud sometimes while biking on those back country roads. I just get strange looks from the cows, but no one else seems to realize what I am doing. πŸ™‚ So the big question is…who else takes time to exercise? I simply try to get in 3 days a week, for 30-45 min. But something is better then nothing!


  1. Last year (keep in mind I was a full time stay at home mommy then!) I power walked every day and rode my bike 3-4 days a week. Plus hiking daily on our week long camping vacations.
    However, this year…..hard to find the time.
    I’m like you though…it is good for heart, soul, body. I love to pray at those times.
    Currently I am power walking every other day and biking on my off days of walking. I just started this week! I do it in late afternoon or early evening.
    ENJOY your biking!

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