It’s the busy season!


Ah spring, fresh flowers, warm temperatures, green grass, the smell of manure on a farmer’s field….and the sound of the baseball hitting the bat! It’s officially here, our busy season! SportTman plays on 2 baseball teams, one is our local team the other an elite tournament team. This weekend is the start of the craziness, we are traveling to Ruther Glen, Va for a baseball tournament ( where is Ruther Glen????? I have no idea, let me know if you live there, we can get together for coffee!). He has 5 other out of state tournaments he is playing in this season. Including one in Myrtle Beach! Plus The Inventor is playing for a advanced play soccer team and has games and tournaments also.

A teacher at school saw me in the hallway today and said, “I heard you are heading to Va this weekend for a baseball tournament.” He went on to comment on how he misses those days of traveling to baseball tournaments with his boys, who are now in college. ……..He misses that crazy schedule I thought to myself? He went on to remind me that this time in our lives will go fast and before we know it will be gone, he said to cherish and enjoy it! Cherish and enjoy are not really the first words that come to my mind! Packing, constantly washing uniforms, never being home to do spring yard work, loosing my brain because there is so much going on …cherish this? Well I thanked him for the reminder, and then eventually concluded that he is right. This is a season of life, and before we know it, it will pass.

There have been other seasons of life that I actually look back upon fondly. I remember being a stay-at-home mom, and being home all day with 2 toddlers. I remember saying to hubby one day in exasperation when he asked how my day was, I shouted out, “we had a poop-a-thon, a spank-a-thon, and a crying-a-thon!” It was hectic, but it was precious family time, and a time of making memories, and instilling a biblical foundation in my children. I look back on that time fondly now. I remember sending SportTman off to kindergarten 1/2 day, and being home with The Inventor all day. I remember going back to work part-time when The Inventor was in 1st grade and SportTman was in 3rd. I had to learn to balance that new schedule.

But these are all phases of being a mom. And I am reminded that each phase is part of the growing and nurturing process of raising children to seek first the kingdom of God. So as we pack our bags to leave this weekend, and I start to feel a little stressed with so much going on, I am reminded of the big picture and the duty I have to raise my dear children. This is a phase, and in the big picture of it all I am certain it will produce quality family memories. Ah yes….the big picture….I must remind myself of that, otherwise I get to consumed with the small details. Small details are good, just so they don’t consume you! 🙂

~Seek first the Kingdom of God ……….but I know I must be reminded to Seek Him first with so much going on!!! But in the ultimate big picture, that really is all that really matters!~


  1. I loved reading this! Enjoy every minute…it sure does go by so fast..then again, some days seem to drag….I love all the “seasons” the Lord has had us in!

  2. Oh Sandy, as a mom that wonders everyday where did her babies go my advice is to savor every stressful second! I know you will, but I had to say it.

    I’m always thankful for every minute we get to spend together like you. Tonight since every one is off we are going out to one of our favorite hole in the wall diners. It’s about a 30 minute drive and we’ll put in our favorite cd’s and all sing at the top of our lungs and just have a silly, wonderful time together! Can’t wait!!!

    I’ll be praying for you guys as you travel!

    And I, too, love Emergency. I thought Randolph Mantooth was dreamy!

  3. Best wishes with the games. How exciting. I hope you have a wonderful time making it memorable in fun and loving ways. I love your blog. Oh, I was also an fan of Emergency and had the biggest crush on John Gage.

  4. Hang in there!! Just think of how well traveled you will be – it could sound so chic…. “yes this weekend we are traveling… next weekend we are traveling daahhhhhling”. Ya think? Ok, it’s early.

    PS… we have the “farmer’s field smell” but no warm weather – if you find it, send some my way… K?

  5. Hi, Sandy. I’ve tagged you for a meme. I’ve so enjoyed your posts that I thought it would be fun to get to know you a little better. Come on over to join the fun!

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