Been a bit stressed

I was thinking about writing a serious blog post about our family and things we are going through lately……but as I sat to write I realized my brain must be in Attention Deficit Disorder mode and I kept getting so sidetracked by these random thoughts of the day…………………….

Why is menopause called MEN-o-pause?  Why are men involved in it??

The moldy things growing in my containers in the back of the fridge, should I actually wash those disgusting, moldy containers out or just throw them out?!?!

How do other moms get socks to match on a regular basis?

Do I have to cook dinner tonight?

My fleece lined sweat pants are the most cozy comfortable pants in the world to come home to after a long day!

Geez…….How long has it been November!!!????!!!!

I love making baked potatoes……E.A.S.Y

I have a headache and I keep thinking of these yummy raspberry frosted brownies I had the other day.  Not sure what the connection is there……..

So there you have it….nothing insightful, nothing spiritual….just my mushy brain after a day at school! 🙂

And I am ok with that!  Some days are just like that, and THAT IS OK!  I am learning to live with a new normal, and I am learning that God has his hand in all of it, even if it’s days like today!

Hubs is planning to stop teaching and go on medical leave sometime after Thanksgiving, I am hoping sometime next week, that I can finally blog about all that is going on!


  1. Haha…we had bake potato bar last night, I just threw away some moldy icky containers…and my sweatpants are my favs! I am happy I am not alone! Maybe it isn’t the time yet to blog about it all! Continued prayers!

  2. Ya know, I have those same random thoughts…ALL THE TIME. Maybe if I actually threw out the moldy stuff in the containers, instead of debating whether to wash them, I probably wouldn’t have to keep thinking of it. LOL And I actually have a plan to take all those extra socks that my kids have to their step mom and ask her if she possibly has the CORRECT matches…

  3. Love the post! Always makes me smile. Praying for you and fam. We talk about you all sooo much! Wish we could live life together…a little closer.

  4. Sorry about the health issue your family is facing. You mentioned that awhile back, and not sure what is going on, but I will pray! God knows afterall! ~ I think you should throw out the moldy containers, slip on your fleece lined seat pants, and curl up with a hot baked potato or raspberry brownie and destress as best you can!

  5. lol….great minds think alike Sandy! I am not kidding when i say I was thinking/dreaming/longing for my cozy flannel pants all morning at work yesterday…..WHY can’t we wear those to a kindergarten classroom?????? lol…..
    And..please know that often the Lord has had you all on my heart……I am praying and looking forward to reading about your experiences with your hubby. God bless you!

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