FridayFave Five/Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Well today is the day  hubs is telling the staff at school all that is going on with him medically.  He will not be returning to teaching after Thanksgiving break.  He has been a public school high school teacher for 25 years!
Back on Oct. 1st, Curt (Hubs real name) was diagnosed with Early Onset dementia, most likely Early Onset Alzheimer’s…….he is 46 years old!  Not the age you usually have in mind when thinking of Alzheimer’s is it?

Does our family look like the type of family you think of when you think of Alzheimer’s?!?!?!

It is obviously an unexpected journey we are now on……and we are all adjusting to living with a new normal.

But this is Friday Fave Five and let me tell you I do have some favorites!  I have noticed that the little things mean so much to me. When I am overwhelmed, discouraged, or just plain exhausted, God sends some encouragement my way.

After a long day this past week helping Curt after school to get his grades uploaded and turned in.  I was drained…..BUT, a friend had made dinner for us that night!  Can I tell you how overjoyed I was to NOT make dinner that night.

SportTman was in need of a graphing calculator for Algebra.  They cost over $100, and I was not real keen on spending the money for one.  Well………………about an hour after he told me he needed the calculator, I was cleaning out Curt’s desk at school and guess what I found!!!!!  The exact calculator that he needed………….a student had left it behind several years ago.

The Inventor was in need of some winter clothes, we stopped at a local consignment shop after school on Wed. and $50 later she had 5 new name brand shirts,a zip up hoodie, and I got a lovely, and needed hip looking purse.   Wow God really provided for her……and me!

The Inventor had a rough morning last Sat.   Spending time talking with her dad, just made her sad and reflective about the future.  She is the one who is really struggling with this.  She had a hair appointment that morning.  The women who cut her hair had NO idea what is going on…..but after the stylist finished drying her hair she asked if she would like it “styled and curled”  Well you can imagine what any 13 year old girl would say!!  And here is the result………….my girl was thrilled, and it brought some joy to a tough morning!

A renewed appreciation for the little things in life that I would often overlook in the past.  I now cling to those little things, and see them as a glimpse of the way God is with us during our storm of life.  It’s not always easy walking this unexpected journey, but knowing I am not walking it alone provides a peace amidst the storm!

We so appreciate all your prayers as we live with a new normal.  Curt will not be working after Thanksgiving, it will be so weird to not have him at school with me each day. We have taught together at the same high school our son attends for years.  It will be a big adjustment for all of us.   Pray for us in the unknown future that lies ahead for us.  THANKS!!!

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  1. We have been praying all week during this hard week for Curt! I can’t get you all off of my mind. I pray God will show up in a powerful way today as Curt talks to the teachers…may others be drawn to Him because of you and Curt! I am so sad but so hopeful. I am learning to pray powerful prayers..only ones that God can truly answer. I love you!

  2. So sad for your family and what you will go through and have already gone through, but you are so right in KNOWING without a doubt, that God is in control. Keep your head up, you all will get through this. Praying for you all this very morning!!!

  3. Sandy, I can’t imagine all of the emotions you are and have been going through and I am praying for your family. I’m going through this with my father, but he’s 83 so quite a different and more expected experience. It’s still difficult though. I’m praying for wonderful moments in your relationship with your husband and within his relationship with his kids. I’m praying for wisdom and peace for all of you. I’m praying for God’s mighty hand to rest on you and that you will never feel alone. God knows you all inside and out and will carry you through. Keep us update and let us know about any specific prayer requests. ~ Grace and peace!

  4. You and your family have been on my heart all week, Sandy. You, especially as the wife/mom is the one to take it all on and continue making it all happen. I wish you lived in my ‘hood…so that I could help in a tangible, hands-on way and I pray that you are surrounded by friends who will walk with you throughout this time.

    Hugs and blessings.


  5. I cry as I read this, but I’m glad you are at the day where you can let the news out. I pray that you’ll find support all around you. I also pray for your children to find support too, as their young friends will probably not know what to say to them about it.

    I can only imagine how hard this journey will be, but as you said, you won’t be alone in it. Wish I could give you a real hug and cook you a real meal to back it up.

    Blessings to you, Curt, and your whole family!

  6. Wow Sandy, powerfully written and insightful. We’ve been reeling since hearing the news…
    We love your family and we lift you up daily. God bless you all as you enter this new chapter and know that friends are waiting in the wings to give you support.
    Stay in touch.
    Love, Kim

  7. Lots of tears shed as I read this…I am so impressed by your strength..I know I know with God anything is possible…but still… continued prays.. Love Beth

  8. Sandy, I was really moved by this post. Your beauty in standing with your family during this faith walk is precious. I will be praying for you, your family and especially for Curt as you walk this new normal. And I’ll be praying that God will be glorified anything you all can currently imagine at this time!

  9. Oh, Sandy — praying and praying for you and yours today. How do those who can’t lean on the Lord make it through such things? I’m praying He will be your peace and comfort in the coming days, that He’ll ease your way into this new normal. (Love that phrase — new normal.)

    Your daughter looks beautiful, and how our Lord does provide those little things that mean so much. Take care and bask in our prayers. Have a good week.

  10. There are no words I can say to take away your hurt, but please know that people are praying for your family. May God give you strength and comfort and may he continue to bless you with the little things!

  11. Praying for your family, and asking that you would KNOW the strength God has already given to you, and walk in it. He will be with you every step of the way. 🙂

  12. Wow Sandy. Thanks for sharing all of this. I’ve been praying for you all since you told me this news…and now seeing it as part of your fave five…….your girl is gorgeous…LOVE that hair! 🙂
    And how faithful of our Lord to provide for each and every one of you…..
    I wanted to tell you this via FB but I’ll tell you here: my Moms in Touch group is gonna lift your family up, specifically your hubby…..we pray for our local public schools of course but hey….you all have been a part of the PA public school system so…..our North Colonie group here in NY will lift you up. We meet once a month so if you have any thing super specific just shoot me an inbox msg via FB. thanks! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING……

  13. I cannot imagine receiving such news at that age. I am so sorry. These are the times we can only trust that God has some purpose in it all. I just took a moment to pray that the Lord will keep you close and uphold you and strengthen you all through the coming days and years.

  14. I am sad as I read this. I know how much you and Curt have loved teaching together at the same school. Please know that I am praying for you and your family. As we have all gone through difficult situations, we have learned to appreciate the small things like a dinner provided. Blessings to your friends for helping.

  15. Oh Sandy. My heart goes out to Curt and yourself and your children. Praying for you all. May you feel the Lord uphold you and carry you as you adjust to a new way of life. What a blessing to have your friend step in for you with making dinner and for that sweet stylist to give your daughter the beautiful hair.

  16. Sandy – Bless your heart. I ache for what you and Curt and the kids are going through and are facing. My sister also has the beginnings of Alzheimer’s – she’s 56.

    Praying that you will be able to make sweet memories to cherish!

  17. Sandy – Thank you for sharing with all of us – it allows us all to keep you in our prayers and hopefully be a support system for your family as time goes on. This is a walk that you are not doing by yourself – God is in control and loves you. I will pray he gives you all the strength you will need to get through. Maybe having your husband start a journal of the memories he cherishes will be a good thing for your family in the years to come. Keeping pictures visible may help him to remember special times and people in your lives.
    I am praying for you guys

  18. Hey, Sandy. I’m so glad you guys have God. Where would we be without him? Praying for Curt and you tomorrow as he talks with his students. Love you.

  19. I am so glad that you have been blogging and that I stumbled across your page!
    WOW. You are one godly woman. Your thankful heart was humbling. I can’t wait to check back in next week. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers… when you get a chance…I want to run an idea by you.

  20. Dear Sandy…
    I just read your words after Missy (Jeanes) shared your link on her Facebook page. There has to be incredible pain and emotion behind the words you wrote…and yet I do not detect despair or bitterness, but His power and grace that is given at just the moments we need it (and sometimes tangibly expressed by a meal or note or quick visit from a friend).
    Our husbands share the same name and nearly the same age…it will be easy for me to remember you ALL (beautiful children included) on this uniquely difficult journey….

  21. Oh, Sandy, I am soooo sorry that it’s taken me this long to find out about Curt!!!! I have been busy and haven’t been a faithful bloggy friend. Please forgive me!

    In the name of Jesus, I declare life and complete healing to every single neuron in Curt’s brain!!! No, No, No, No, No, will Alzheimer’s disease reign in his body!!!!! Jesus, the Living God, the Great Physician, the Auther and the Finisher, Whose Name is HIGHER the all other names named in heaven and on the earth trumps Alzheimer’s!!! Jesus trumps cancer!!! Jesus came and died for our salvation, the full measure of salvation, which includes healing. Curt, recieve the full measure of salvation that Jesus has provided for you. You are NOT a man defined by the diagnosis of Alheimer’s disease! You are a man defined as a son of God with all of the rights and privileges thereof!!! Healing is food for the sons of God (that just came to me, not sure what that means, but I believe it is from God). Don’t taste this food, Curt, eat it!!! Holy Spirit, touch Sandy and the kids-give them Peace, that surpasses ALL human understanding, which gaurds their hearts and minds in You, Jesus!!! Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, Your wisdom God. In Jesus’ powerful, precious and holy name, AMEN!!!!

    While driving to work on Christmas afternoon, I heard the Lord say,
    “Do not trust in the chariots and horses of man, Trust in Me!”

    Two days later I received the pathology report of breast cancer. Let’s grab ahold of this truth. We will not trust in man’s ability and power; we will trust in God our Healer and Provider!!! Man’s ability, technology and medical knowledge all comes from God, the Great Healer!!! Sandy, I love you very much! Your heart for Jesus warms and stirs my heart. Strength be to you, mightly woman of valor!!!!

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