Friday Fave Five

What an interesting week……actually all weeks have been interesting lately.

The Inventor and I enjoyed some bonding time together on Tues., we stayed home from school napped and watched TV all day!!  Ok I was trying to make is sound positive, actually we both had the stomach flu!  I didn’t have it as bad as my dear daughter did, so I am thankful I could be with her during the day.  She was on the mend and  back to school on Thurs.

One of my dear special needs students had a major heart surgery on Wed.  We have all been thinking of him and praying for him.  I am thrilled to report he is doing well!!
Stop by his care page site and let him know you are praying for him
I had tons of staff and students take a picture holding a “we miss you” sign and sent it into the hospital for him.  Here is one of my favs of hubs and I at school. 🙂

I made the easiest dinner the other night, it was delicious yet so simple.  I bought some yummy ham steaks on sale for 1.00 each, poured maple syrup over them and baked for 30 min.  I also threw in 4 baked potatoes that cooked while the ham did.  It was all SO EASY and was an instant hit with the family!

My students made 2 pumpkin pies for Halloween last Friday.  I must say they turned out so well, and the smell radiated through out the building.  Everyone wanted to visit our class room that day!
The prayers of friends and family continue to make my favorite list.  I am hoping to soon be able to blog about all that is going on in our life.  It’s a tough road that lies ahead for us, and your prayers are what will carry us through.  Thanks!!!

For more Friday Fave Five, please visit Susanne, she is a wonderful hostess and blogger!



  1. I think the praise for Chuckie is the best Fave Five I’ve read so far today! God is so awesome to answer prayers.

  2. I was about to be envious of your Tuesday, but not when I read “stomach flu”! Glad you are better, and that your student is doing well. I love your signs. That had to make him feel so special. As he is. I’ll have to try your simple dinner. Sounds yummy. Still praying for you, really and truly. I know sometimes people say that non-chalantly, but I mean it… I know God will take extraordinary care of you and your family so you can see the light and BE a light to everyone around, even through dark times.

  3. Friends who stand with you in tough times are the best and the true friends. I’m so glad you have several to stand with you.

    You did a great job of focusing on the positive in the face of the flu. At least you could be home together.

  4. friends both near and far and friends in Christ at that are so special and important…one of our jobs that God c ommands us to do is love one another and bear one another’s burdens…still praying, Sandy!

    Loved your list minus the stomach flu…ick….i was home yesterday with my youngest but it was “just” a cold..we thot strep but test was negative…yay…

    that pumpkin pie looks great and how neat that you got to visit your student and pray with him!! You are a blessing in the public schools!!

  5. Oh that is not my favorite ailment for sure. Glad you are feeling better and you had some good times with your daughter. Praying right now that whatever is going on you’ll know God love you…

  6. Glad to hear the flu turned out to be a bonding experience! And great to hear your student is doing well.

    I’m praying for your family, Sandy.
    Take care!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to keep up your blog – It is a good way to see your faces and remind me to pray for all of you! You bloggers are so creative – I can barely think of anything to put on facebook – haha! Have a good week and I’m glad the stomach bug was short-lived!

  8. I’ll bet your student loved what you did for him! And glad to hear you and your daughter are back on the mend after the stomach flu.

    Easy meals are the best on busy weeks!

    Continuing to pray for you guys!

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