Our neighbors across the street are moving. They have lived across the street from us for 13 years. It’s sad to see them go, but it’s even sadder to understand why they are moving and all that they are leaving behind. Their family has fallen apart due to a divorce. So now the dad is alone, in what was once a bustling family abode filled with 3 kids, and a fat dog! ( We loved their dog BTW, he once jumped 15 feet off our deck into the woods!) Now it is just a shell of that former happy home. Every Monday I see signs of their former life dragged down the driveway to the curb, awaiting a date with the trash men the next morning. So much of what they worked hard to build their family on is now trash, fodder for the stinky, old trashcans. I have seen old Barbies, skateboards, videos, hockey sticks, books, fancy wooden hangers, fabric, shoes, art work, pictures……snippets from a life once lived in that house.

So every Monday for the last month as I see more of their life sitting in the trash cans at the end of their driveway, I am gently reminded how life and family are so much more then STUFF! A home is not built on having the newest flat screen TV, the best swingset in the neighborhood, a Wii, new bikes for everyone, a fancy Kitchen Aid mixer, a nice couch, new carpet and new wallpaper, these are all nice things but that is all they are….things. The things do not bring the joy and harmony to a home. And all these things will someday be sold in a yard sale, given away, dragged out for trash, they will be gone and worthless.

Concepts like a strong Godly marriage built on a commitment to the Lord and each other, unconditional love, communication, fun together, time spent building a relationship, these are the THINGS that really matter. The treasured stuff of this world will someday end up at the end of your driveway as trash. But a home built on biblical foundations with time spent working on those concepts will survive through the good and the bad.


  1. Oh very well said Sandy… very well said.

    I am actually thinking of posting more about marriage and family this coming week .. it’s been on my mind a lot lately because one of my bestfriend’s marriage is also on the rocks. They are having such a rough time – and a big part of the problem is they stretched themselves too much on buying 2 expensive houses (one to live on and one for investment). I am still praying the marriage will be saved.

    How we spend our time is very very crucial. It seems like many family nowadays just don’t spend quality and quality time together. Both are necessary.

    It’s always a blessing visiting your blog. This post is very thought provoking as well as challenging. Thanks.

  2. Well written….our pastor just did a series about the Body of Christ and among this sermons he did one about our possessions and materialism.
    It’s not wrong to love our stuff but we can’t place them before the Lord….and….life is not all about the stuff….loved this post!!!
    It’s like my pastor says “Possess your possessions but don’t let them possess you!”

  3. Marriage, real life marriage, takes commitment. Marriage is more than just “feelings;” it is a covenant! Strongman and I have dealt with difficult times in our 23 years of marriage, but in the difficult times, divorce was NEVER an option!

    Because both a husband and wife are being changed from glory to glory neither are perfect in their ways (Thank You, Jesus, for standing on our behalf before the Father). There’s bound to be conflict at times between two different people; that’s where forgiveness and prayer come in. God’s love covers a multitude of sins.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir on this, but still I think it’s important for all those struggling in marriage to know that even Christian marriages struggle with issues.

    To all those reading this who are struggling, keep on standing firm in your commitment, no matter how you feel. Keep on forgiving and loving the way God loves and it WILL work out. In Jesus’ name!!! AMEN!!!

  4. Oh Sandy, your heart sounds as heavy as mine does right now. Don’t you just ache for this family? Do they know Christ? I will be praying for them.

    And what you wrote is so dead on. My daughter moved out about a month ago and she expects to have everything. All the furniture she wants, tv’s and dvd players, etc. She is so focused on material things right now. I’ve been in disbelief because this is not how we raised her. My mom said it’s just because she’s gained her independence and she’ll come to her senses.

    Please pray for my daughter, Kara, as well. Since she has gained this independence she is focusing on work instead of church. It hurts to watch them slowly drift away from our Creator.

    I keep thinking about the verse….train up a child in the way they should go…

    Marriage, to me, is another 24/7/365 job. Well, I don’t mean job exactly, but you get my point.

    Okay, I shushing now. Thanks for sharing this with us today.

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