O’ Praise Him!

There is something about this video…….

It speaks to my heart about the intimacy of worship. It truly is all about Jesus. Make sure you watch the entire video, it’s the ending that reveals the true character, and passion of worship. Worship is something that flows from our heart anytime, ANYWHERE! It can be while driving down the road with screaming kids in the car, it can be while out walking listening to an iPod, and it can be during a silent walk in the woods. Worship is a matter of the heart, and it flows from a heart set on a relationship with Jesus. The video is a good reminder to me to bring Jesus into the mundane routine of life.

And after my rant about outhouses, I decided I needed to focus my blog on what really matters. 🙂


  1. ahhhhhhhhh GREAT reminder.. I have heard this song a million times but never watched this video… I spend my morning… walking with my dog and singing praise… don’t really care who hears either.. LOL LOL!! because it’s MY praise… and worship time!! and prayer time!!

    We’re still having fun with my fresh air son!!! Ü

  2. Awesome! I was in tears. I am going to share this with the 5 people that read my blog. What a great video! So glad I visited your blog.

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