Weekend thoughts…….

We spent our weekend at another baseball tournament, in case you are wondering, we have spent 7 weekends at tournaments since the last week of April. It’s fun, but tiring. SportTman’s team is doing amazingly well, they have won 5 of the 7 tourney’s they have been in. And this is their first year as a team so that makes the feat even more remarkable. Here is a pic of SportTman pitching in a semi-final game this weekend. If I may share a brief mom bragging moment. He pitched the entire game, and his team won 5-2.

We also welcomed the return of the famous “The Questionator” from the Bronx. He comes to our family every summer through the Fresh Air program. This is his 6th summer with us. He relishes the good farm produce, playing monopoly with my kids, running barefoot outside, playing LOTS of sports and going to the beach. All things he can’t do in the Bronx. Here is a pic of The Questionator and SportTman in front of some cow’s butts. Yep, cow’s butts, now that is a picture to take back to the Bronx. A local dairy farm gave all the Fresh Air fund visitors and their families a tour of the farm, and lots of FREE ice cream afterwards.

Here is The Questionator in our local town for the 4th of July parade, believe it or not, he’s 12 and this was his first time seeing live fireworks!

We are all heading to the beach for the day tomorrow. It should be a fun day, we go with the same friends every year for the day…..it’s always a good memory making day. I love summer!

I also must say thanks to sweet Amy at The Junk Drawer for giving me the Sharing the Love award. I appreciate Amy and her joyful heart and attitude. I am guessing she gave me this award since I post pictures of cow’s butts on my blog!! 🙂

I could pass this award to everyone of you, but I am going to pass it onto a dear blogger friend I hope to meet in person sometime soon. She always leaves me a comment, she lives close by, and has a heart of gold to live for and honor God in ALL she does. So I give the sharing the love award to Beautiful Grace! Please check out the story behind this award, it’s endearing. Click the button below to learn of the story behind the award.


  1. I’m sitting here with my husband reading your post; I attempted to read what you wrote to him, but can’t because I’m choked up. Thanks for touching my heart!! Sending a hug to you, dear bloggy friend!!! 🙂

  2. We take so many things for granted, don’t we? There really are some children who have not seen something as simple as fireworks. What a great ministry your family has to this child. I love how he’s come back for six summers now!

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