OMG I am so embarrassed!

The Inventor and I were watching our small town hometown 4th of July parade last night. There was a really cool float with a huge, blown up chain saw on it. I thought it was clever, so I yelled out, “Hey can I take that home! We could use it!” The Inventor quickly shoots me the glance, you know the kind I mean. And loudly proclaims, “Oh my gosh Mom, why did you have to say that, I am so embarrassed!”

She is 11, she is now officially embarrassed by her mom! I have finally heard the “e” word from her. 🙂

Later , that night she got up in the middle of a movie, and came over and cuddled with me for the rest of the movie! The “tween” years are good. 🙂


  1. LOL. Ah yes, I am in these years yet too with my 13 year old. I haven’t got the “e” word but I have recieved my fair share of eyeball rolling. But there is not a night that she goes to bed without hugs and kisses. :v)

  2. By the time they’re 18 or 19, you find yourself looking for ways to embarrass them because it gets harder and harder to find opportunities. (We excel at sarcasm in our fam.)

  3. Haha!! I have good news for ya though…my 21 year old daughter still loves to hold my hand as we walk inside church or even around a store! And she is always kissing me on the top of my head and saying – I love you, mom!

  4. Hey, tell The Inventor that according to Beautiful Grace it is one of the primary jobs of a mother to embarrass her children!! 😉

  5. Oh yeah…right around age 11 my oldest finally used the E word with me. My youngest hasn’t yet though although she HATES it when I kiss her in public…except last nite when the fireworks were so loud…she sure didn’t mind snuggling then! LOL

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