The Fresh Air Fund program

I’m back…..ok so you didn’t realize I was even gone. That is the fun of blogging. I have done a ton of things since I wrote my last post. We went camping with our Fresh Air Fund child, The Questionator (he is so inquisitive!). And we were at another baseball tournament.

The Questionator loved camping, he enjoyed eating hot dogs cooked over a fire and not in a microwave, he liked playing tether ball, he enjoyed running down the beautiful wooded trails, he relished time looking at the stars at night, he thought is was cool that you could pee in the woods( boys!!) and he loved the pool at the campground. The Fresh Air fund is a wonderful program that brings kids to the country for the summer. The Questionator lives in a small 3 bedroom apartment in the Bronx, and rarely ever can just go outside and hangout. I know this trip to “the country” means so much to him each year, this is his 6th summer with us. Each year we get more of a glimpse into his isolated life in that apartment in the Bronx. What a contrast it is for him to come to our house. His first year here he thought the woods behind our house contained lions, and zebras, he thought is was a jungle. Now he shoots the air soft gun and runs in the creek back in the “jungle.”

We thought he might be bored going to back to back baseball tournaments, but instead he learned the names of all the players, he cheered for them, and congratulated them when they won. He said he has never been “part of a team before.”

He leaves tomorrow, we will all be sad to see him go. It pains me to think of what he goes home to. The Fresh Air program has been a great experience for my kids also, they have learned to appreciate their home so much more, and have also learned to demonstrate God’s love and kindness to someone who is quite different then they are. It warms my heart to see my son form a close knit friendship with a boy from the Bronx!

If you are interested in learning more about the program click here, I know they still need families for THIS summer!

Here are some pics of the fun times we have shared together for the last 2 weeks.

(Wow this post went in a totally different direction than I planned, I was going to write about my lack of summer exercise program. So stay tuned for a good, motivating exercise pep talk…..I know I need one! :))

The Questonator with his infamous gastronomical abnormality sandwich……..chicken breast, lettuce, mayo, potato chips and blueberies….he loved it!


  1. It’s neat that your family blesses in this way!!!

    FYI: Consecrated started college today, yeah!!!!

  2. I am so glad to know that the Fresh Air Fund program is still ongoing. We had a child visit our home every summer from this program when I was a little girl. Sometimes we had several.

  3. I was blogging yesterday and Susanne told me that she just read a blog out the Fresh Air Fund as well… so I asked her if she would share your blog… and I’m glad she did!! We just got our fresh air “son” yesterday! and as I guessed it! he’s taller than I am… at 12.. WOW!! thanks for sharing your story.. Your lucky you get your child early in the summer!! Our poor fella had a HORRIBLE ride over here.. they hit through a massive storm.. trees went down everywhere.. they were delayed!! But he finally made it!! LOL LOL!!

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