I LOVE doing my wash!!!

I can’t remember being so excited about doing my wash before! Now what would cause a normal laundry hater to become a laundry lover? Well here is the first clue………..

That is my former 17 year old beloved washer that my dear parents bought for us many years ago. And in their great wisdom they got us a large capacity washer, even though we did not have kids at the time. 🙂 The fine Kenmore washer still worked, I had used it the same morning it made it’s own trip to the end of the driveway for trash night. But then it happened………..as I have mentioned in this post, our neighbor is moving. We have all been helping out a great deal with this difficult process. My neighbor had just recently purchased a new washer, it was less then a year old, it has a 3 year warranty that he purchased, and he needed to get rid of it. He casually asked me if I needed a new washer, well technically I did not need one. My beloved Kenmore still worked, but it needed a new cold water hose, it had a small leak, there was water stuck in the barrel, and it was 17 years old……so I did not need one. But when he showed me this, my jaw dropped!

He said I could have it for $350, how could I say NO? 🙂 It’s a front  loader, I have never seen anything so pretty, so efficient, so quiet, so clean, so everything!!!!! My neighbor hauled it over, installed it and I did a load of wash with it later that day. Miracles never cease. And my old washer ended up going to a lady who just got married, has a small baby and lives in a bad part of a nearby town. I found her through Freecycle. And she was just as happy to get my old washer for free.

So I am off to do more wash….fun times!

Disclaimer- I realize in about 2-3 months I will once again loathe the laundry….but for now, celebrate clean laundry come on!


  1. What a blessing! I have one too, and I still love doing the laundry . . . most of the time. : ) It’s been almost seven months since I got my front loader. The other cool perk is that our water bill went down by about $35 when we got the new washer. Congrats!

  2. What an awesome blessing!!! My sister has one of those and she said that it uses less water and it needs less detergent, so it will save you there also!!


  3. First time to your blog…I became a washing maniac when I got my front loading washer and dryer a couple years ago. You will love it and a great price too!! Congrats and Enjoy!!

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