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It’s summer…so how much TV do you let your kids watch????

I have never been a big TV watcher, and neither have my kids. They are outdoor kids, generally speaking, but lately it seems that they have been watching more TV. When they don’t know what to do they automatically want to zone out and watch TV. They are 11 and 13 and only recently discovered The Disney Channel, they both like to watch The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. This is really the first actual sitcom show that they have been in to. Previous TV watching consisted of sports, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and shows like Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs and Cash Cab. I made a rule and said one hour per day is all they could watch, but then there are days where I think it’s good for them to just chill and watch some TV, especially since they are so active. I just don’t know………so let me hear it, what are your thoughts? How much is too much TV? I also realize it’s also important to monitor what they watch, so what do you think about The Disney Channel and other networks geared towards kids?   All thoughts are good thoughts, so bring it on ladies. 🙂  I really want to hear what you think!!


  1. My boys don’t watch tv, because they can’t. We got rid of the cable when Consecrated was ten. He was watching a show about homemade robots, but would change the channels with the commercials. I heard him changing the channels and asked him what he was doing. He said the commercials were not nice. I figured that’s it, a ten year old boy has to censor commercials!! We purchased a dish and a subscription to Sky Angel.

    Currently, we do not have any type of subscription, not even “rabbit ears.” We do, however, have a subscription to Netflicks, so they do watch movies occasionally. They do however, spend time with video games, Consecrated more than Fire (at least before college started). I really don’t have a set time limit. I don’t need it for Fire because he’s an active kid, and I don’t worry about him vegging too much.

    As far as suggestions, I’m out of the loop as to what is on tv these days!! Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help!!!

  2. Well, we don’t have cable. I did when I was single but hardly ever watched TV so it was basically a waste of money for me.
    We tend to be outdoors ALOT in the summer.
    We do allow Disney Channel when at a motel, grandma’s, etc.
    They love Zach and Cody (my 9 yr old daughter also loves Hanna Montana).
    My oldest and I tend to rent “chick flicks” if they are rated PG-13 or milder.
    She is only 15 and would rather text her friends or be on the computer.
    Our house rule for the summer is: tv for one hour (they only watch the Reba Show…their latest craze) and they get to play on the computer for one hour.
    During the school year they are much too busy with church activities, youth group, violin practice, homework and clubs. We tend to rent movies or go to our church’s movie nite which is once a month on a friday evening.

  3. Oh…SoulFest was AWESOME!!!! (well the 2 concerts I was at anyways….the rest of the time I vegged out at Weirs Beach and at the motel pool with my youngest).

  4. Well………………..

    I must be honest.. right???


    My 17 year old daughter hates TV.. and loves to read….

    She got that from ME… I’m an avid reader….

    My soon to be 13 year old.. watches WAYYYYYYYYYY to much TV… I’m guilty of it.. I know… Something I need to work on…

    He gets that from Hubby… LOL LOL…

    However… he knows what he can and can’t watch and does VERY well with that… Not perfectly.. but well…

    When school starts.. there is no TV after 8pm and we all head upstairs and READ!!

  5. I struggle with this one, too. On the weekends I tend to let them watch several hours a day… especially right now while it is SO hot outside here in Texas. Weekdays it’s more like an hour. However, we kind of keep all of this flexible based on what is going on, behaviour, etc

  6. Thanks for your input everyone! I am thinking it really also matters WHAT they are watching, and maybe not focus so much on the time issue. They both do not use the computer or video games much. We just have an old Play Station 1. We do watch lots of movies in the summer, but that is always a family activity, and we choose WHAT they watch. I think the thing that is bothering me the most is WHAT they are watching. I just don’t like the influence of the Disney channel and the culture and subtle things it promotes. And just like Faith said, my kids are generally too busy during the school year to watch much TV. And as Flip Flop mom said, reading is also so important. 🙂
    Keep the comments coming, I really like to hear others thoughts on this…….

  7. Sandy,

    As you can see from the ping back, I wrote a post about our tv watching practices. I didn’t focus on what else we do in life – but, like you, we are pretty busy. Play practices, basketball camps, podcasting camp, clay animation camp, “play dates” with friends, family outings, computer time, video games (we play together) . . . and OF COURSE (in this house) reading! I don’t know what else, but we sure aren’t home very much sometimes.

    I’m missing what you mean about Disney Channel. Am I missing some of the messages you’re talking about because we fast forward through the commercials or are you talking about subtle things within the scripts of the shows? Or both?

  8. My oldest daughter loves to watch tv, but I have found it is a great bargaining tool. If she reads a chapter in her book, she earns tv time. Since I also live in Texas, it is a great treat on those days where it is beyond hot!

    She also likes to go, go, go, like me. I find it hard to sit down and relax, and I feel like sometimes I am showing her that same bad habit. For us, I actually think some tv time has become healthy for her. It is teaching her that it is okay to stop and “veg” for a few minutes.

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