Friday Fave 5


I was out walking tonight in my neighborhood on a gorgeous starry night, and as I was walking I was thinking about this past week and the things I am thankful for.  I thought, I must do a Friday Fave 5 post, so thanks Susanne for hosting this each week. 🙂
#5 – I made a yummy, simple beef stew in the crock pot on Tues.  I love using my crock pot in the winter, it is so simple to make, and who doesn’t love coming home to dinner being done….done!
#4 – I ended up staying home from school on Tues. recovering from a bad migraine I got Monday night.  And as the day wore on my mind began to surface from the brain fog, and my body once again felt a part of the human race,  it was at that point that I really enjoyed hanging out with our dog.  She laid next to me while I was on the computer watching the Inauguration.  At one point she casually laid her head right on my keyboard while I was typing an email for school, and before I could finish the email, some how the email got sent!  My dog Nina officially sent an email!  That was one of my favorite things this week!nina-on-keyboard
#3  I enjoyed learning about Susanna Wesley, mother to Charles and John Wesley.  I taught a lesson about her to my Girls Alive class on Wed. night.  She was born in 1669, and suffered many hardships in her life, but was so faithful to God.  She worked hard to daily instill in her 19 children ( several of her children died at a young age) a faith in God and the power of Jesus in their lives.  I loved telling her story to the girls.
#2 A dear lady sent these incredible homemade chocolate chip cookies into school for my students and I.   These cookies were AMAZING!  I got the recipe, and will make them this weekend and post pictures.  I am salivating just thinking about them!


#1 – I got a new coffeemaker, I have enjoyed trying it out, coffee in the morning does a working mom good. 🙂
Enjoy your Friday everyone!


  1. It was so much fun to read your Fri Fav 5–and to “meet” you!
    First, those cookies look fantastic!!! PLEASE share that yummy recipe!
    I love using my slow cooker, too, and have really been making an effort to include it in a few meals each week.
    I hope you got your new coffee maker up and running and have enjoyed some hot java!

  2. Susanna Wesley, a person you gotta admire.

    I see you have a big dog, we can’t have a dog right now but I miss having a big dog, they are such great company.

    Found you at Susanne’s

  3. I am loving your list!!! Your dog sending an email was too funny. Better be careful, he’ll be wanting his own blog before you know it! LOL.

    Coffee, cookies, what’s better!

  4. Congratulations to Nina for her first email! My cats are threatening the same, but their attention span is rather short…. And those cookies do look scrumptious 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had a great week! Those cookies look fabulous! I love using a crockpot too. It’s a great invention for working moms, or any mom for that matter.

    I truly admire Susannah Wesley, too. She influenced a lot of people thru her children.

  6. Loved your list!
    I am with ya on the Coffee…gotta have my Nantucket Blend before heading out the door. Gotta have my French Vanilla when finishing the housework, gotta have my blueberry when sitting in the sun, gotta have….you get the idea! Enjoy the weekend!!
    Oh, did you know Susanna Wesley used to put her apron over her head to pray to get away from all her children??? I learned that at the college I went to. Yeah. It was a Christian one! lol

  7. Oh there is nothing like the slow cooker especially when you come home tired. It’s a lift to the spirits as well as supper almost on the table! Looking forward to your choc chip cookie recipe – they look yummy!

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