A Simple Women’s Daybook

My blogging friend Faith often participates in this meme and I have been wanting to participate for awhile so today, I am jumping in and giving it a try…….

Outside my Window..Grey sky, a light dusting of snow on the ground and trees.

I am thinking...plans for the day, including a lunch date at a local chinese restaurant with the Inventor.

I am thankful for..for the day off of school today.
From the kitchen...The Inventor is making pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns and  I am making coffee and bacon
I am creating...new chores list for the kids.

I am going…to lunch with the Inventor and shopping with SportTman, and out for a good power walk this morning
I am wearing…comfy fleece jammies and slippers
I am reading...a book by Tony Dungy – “A Quiet Strength”

I am hoping…for a relaxing day, and hope that I can get lots of laundry done

I am hearing…bacon sizzling and Drums is shaving….finally!  (He grew a scruff beard like the Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.  He and a bunch of teachers at school said they weren’t shaving until the Eagles lose.  They finally lost last night,  I’m bummed they lost, but I’m happy the scruff will be gone!!)
Around the house…tidying up the basement after a football watching party last night.
One of my favorite things..sleeping in this morning and not rushing out the door.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week….SportTman’s basketball games, Girls Alive Wed. night, bloodwork for my physical on Wed., The Inventor’s soccer game.

A picture thought I’m sharing

SportTman with his Grammy and Grandpa after a basketball game


For more Simple thoughts visit Peggy.


  1. Yeah! Glad you are participating in this!
    Mine is up but ya have to scroll down because since we have the day off I decided to write a book review.
    We had pancakes this a.m. too!
    And instead of power walking I’m staying to perfect my score in Tennis….on the Wii…hey it counts as exercise!

  2. Sandy, I really enjoyed reading this and didn’t have time to post one myself this week. That leads me to a question prompted by your list. Have you read anything regarding prayer in Tony Dungy’s book yet? I need to get a hold of it for a book I am researching right now on the topic of prayer and wondered if he mentions it throughout the book. I’d love your insights when you get the chance.

    Again, this was great to read!

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