Are you suffering from PVS?

Signs you are suffering from Post Vacation/Christmas Syndrome

You have trouble getting up in the morning

You keep finding ornament hangers on the floor through out the house

You are drinking lots of coffee

You have twinges of actually being sick of chocolate

You still find yourself singing Christmas carols on occasion

You are wondering when it’s time to turn off the outdoor Christmas lights ( I turned mine off, but did not take them down)

Your jeans suddenly seem a bit tight, or maybe the dryer setting is too hot and causing things to shrink.

You find bits of wrapping paper under a chair

You have a huge pile for the trash men on trash night

Visions of a nap are running through your mind

Yep, Christmas break is over, I always have a tough time going back to school.  I have been a teacher for 20+ years now, you would think I would get the hang of it at some point. 🙂  But sometimes I still would like to get away…….  🙂



  1. It was nice that our first day back was late start, but today was really hard to get out of bed for. I hear ya on the dryer shrinking the jeans…I swear every single pair of mine:)

  2. Actually I kindof dreaded starting school up again, but it has been going well. I’m working on the “jeans being tight” thing and already have lost a few pounds. Out Christmas is down and put away (we don’t hang outside lights, so don’t have to deal with those). For the the most part my PVS in controlled.

    You’re funny, Dear!!!

  3. LOL…me too!
    Today we have a snow day! Pathetic really seeing as how it is just the 3rd day back…my oldest’s orchestra concert is now CANCELLED. it was supposed to be tonite…rescheduled TWICE because of snow. We are having a real winter here in NY this year! (i’m also kinda sick of chocolate!but still drinking lots of coffee!!!)

  4. FUNNY… I was looking something up about wrapping paper.. and VOILA.. you were at the top!! I LOVE IT!!

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