Moses and Jr. High Students

“So guys what do you know about Moses”, I inquired of the Jr. High students I was teaching Sunday School to this past Sunday.
“He’s the dude with the burning bush”
“Did he get the 10 Commandments?”
“He had a long beard”
“Well as you read about him in Exodus, you learn that he had a speech problem, a great fear for God and chose to obey God even when it was tough”
I love that kid!  Talk about a voice in the wilderness.
So Moses was the dude at the burning bush, but he was also the man who had a fear of God and he did chose to obey God despite his feelings of inadequacy.
But Moses said, “O, Lord please send someone else to do it.” Exodus 4:13
“But Moses said to the Lord, If the Israelites will not listen to me, why would Pharoh listen to me since I speak with faltering lips.”  Exodus 6:12
“But Moses said to the Lord, Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharoh listen to me?”  Exodus 6:30
Three different times Moses pleaded with God, saying Why me Lord, I can’t do this, and I surely can’t do it well.  I feel certain Moses was thinking, I know there is someone better than me to do this job.  Can’t I honor you in another way, a way I feel more competent and comfortable at!
Do you ever feel that way?
I know I do.
But God reassured Moses each time that He is with him and He will give him the words to speak.
As I taught those 7th and 8th graders this Sunday, God reminded me as I taught, that He can use me, He can use anyone he chooses for His glory, even if that person seems “not qualified.”
As I ended my lesson I showed the kids this moving video, it is a modern day testimony that God can use the most unlikely people for His glory. He can use those in dire situations, and those who appear not qualified.   This man’s testimony spoke to the students, but let me tell you it will also speak to your heart. This is a must see video!
God can use who He chooses for His glory………..maybe that means you and me. 🙂


  1. I have seen this before…this man is amazing. A true inspiration. Funny, i thought about showing this to my group this week too. Sure wish I would have…it is so moving.

  2. I have seen other links and thoughts about him. He is definitely inspiring and a testament to making the word ‘impossible’ become ‘I M POSSIBLE.’ So many could learn from his example…wondering what your class thought of the video?

  3. That was truly inspiring. It should make us all thankful for what we have and stop complaining for the silly struggles we face everyday. It made me think of Ted and all he had to face–just trying to get a soda at 7-11 was a difficult task. He never complained about it–he knew God was using him for a greater purpose. I know that as well..

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